How can I find out who owns a property in Indiana?

How can I find out who owns a property in Indiana?

One way to determine the owner of a given property is using land records and deeds. You can go to a county courthouse and search in person, or use the Internet to search digital archives. For example, if you are searching for a property’s owner in Lake County, Indiana you would be able to look online.

Are deeds public record in Indiana?

The Marion County Recorder’s Office maintains permanent public records of property transactions between owners and makes those documents available to the public. Records include deeds, liens, mortgages, easements, certified survey maps, and more.

How do I look up a deed in Indiana?

You can get a copy of your deed from the Recorder’s office, and our staff can help you with your search. However, we cannot conduct searches for you. Companies may contact you and offer to send a copy of your deed for $60. We can provide you with a copy for $1 per page, and a certified copy for an additional $5.

How do you add a name to a deed in Indiana?

Adding someone to your house deed requires the filing of a legal form known as a quitclaim deed. When executed and notarized, the quitclaim deed legally overrides the current deed to your home. By filing the quitclaim deed, you can add someone to the title of your home, in effect transferring a share of ownership.

How do you find out who owns property near me?

Start with a public records search at the local county recorder’s office or the tax assessor. The recorder’s office keeps all the permanent public records that have to do with real property. The clerk will do the property owner lookup for you with the address you’ve given them.

Can you record a copy of a deed in Indiana?

What are the legal requirements for a document to be recorded? A document must have a notary seal, the person’s name that prepared the document, and the affirmation statement. To obtain a copy of your deed, you will need to provide the owner’s name and the approximate date of purchase.

Can you transfer title deeds without a lawyer?

Do I need a solicitor to transfer ownership of a property? It’s possible to change the names on title deed yourself without help from anyone else. You simply need to complete the right forms and pay any fee.

What is a quitclaim deed in Indiana?

What is a Quitclaim Deed? A Quitclaim Deed is an easy way to transfer title to real estate property (such as a home or land) from one party to another. The person who owns the property signs the Quitclaim Deed stating who will now have legal title to the property.

How do you find out who is the owner of a house?

Find Property Owners Using Public Records

  1. County Tax Assessor Office.
  2. County Record/Clerk.
  3. Local Title Company.
  4. Mailing List Companies and Mailing List Brokers.
  5. Advanced Property Data and Owner Information Platform.

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