How can I buy a Giant bike online?

How can I buy a Giant bike online?


  1. Step 1: Find your dream bike on our website.
  2. Step 2: Select a participating Home Delivery retailer at checkout.
  3. Step 3: Your selected retailer will contact you once they’ve finished building your new bike for delivery.

How long does it take to get a Giant bike?

How does online ordering work? Bicycles ordered online will be shipped to an Authorized Giant Retailer. Gear only orders will be shipped directly to you via UPS and may take up to 10 business days to arrive.

How do you know if a Giant bike is real?

The only way for you to find out if it’s real or fake now, is to get the serial number of the bike and call and verify it with Giant. See if the seller will give you that.

How do I contact Giant bikes?

Giant Bicycles USA

  2. (805) 267-4600.
  3. @GiantBicyclesUSA.

Who makes giant brand bicycle?

Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (commonly known as Giant) is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer that is recognized as the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer. Giant has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, the Netherlands, and China.

Are Giant Bikes good?

Yes , as the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles, Giant bikes are good. Whether they are better than Trek, depends on your budget, riding style and personal preference. Giant Bicycles, as the biggest bike brand in the world, is also known as one of the best budget bike brands.

Where to buy used bicycle?

Craigslist. Sure,it’s low-tech and full of spammers and scammers,but Craigslist is a solid option when looking for used bicycles.

  • eBay. Another online marketplace giant,eBay has its own set of plusses and minuses.
  • Local Cycling Clubs. These are an often-overlooked source of used bikes.
  • Bike Shops.
  • Facebook.
  • The Pro’s Closet.
  • What is a giant mountain bike?

    About Giant Mountain Bike. These bikes offer a steady mix of reliability and performance, with options for the beginner and advanced mountain bike rider. Many Giant bikes are full suspension with a durable, large frame to absorb bumps and dips, while others are performance-ready bikes with a low rise frame and titanium frame for stability on uneven…

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