Has Simon Cowell cried?

Has Simon Cowell cried?

It’s not often you see talent show judge Simon Cowell crying on television. However, one moment during The X Factor: Celebrity in 2019 proved to be too emotional for him, and he burst into tears during the show. Cowell’s girlfriend Lauren Silverman was there to comfort him during the vulnerable moment.

Did Simon Cowell lose someone close to him?

X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent mastermind Simon lost his mother Julie in 2015 when she died at the age of 89. The 58-year-old now has a son of his own, Eric, who was just one when his grandmother passed away and is named after Simon’s late father – Eric Cowell.

Why did Simon Cowell leave X Factor?

SIMON Cowell is stepping back from TV to spend more time with his family, The Sun can reveal. Cowell who has been an ever-present lead judge on X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent for 17 years, will be replaced by Gary Barlow for his widely hyped new ITV show, Walk The Line.

Why did Simon walk off crying?

In 2015, singer Josh Daniel performed an emotional audition on The X Factor that made judge Simon Cowell cry. He shared the tragic story of his friend’s death, which touched Simon, who had recently lost his mother. The audition has gone down as one of the most memorable in the show’s history.

What song on America’s Got Talent made Simon cry?

Michael Ketterer When he performed James Bay’s “Us” in the semifinals, Simon was so emotional that he asked Tyra to come back to him after a minute. She insisted that he share his thoughts, which he did tearfully.

Who did Simon Cowell have a child with?

Eric Cowell
Simon Cowell/Children

Who was Josh Daniels best friend?

X Factor’s Josh Daniels will ‘never forget’ seeing his late friend on television after emotional performance

  • Josh Daniel with friend Tom Woolley who he dedicated his performance to (
  • Josh wasn’t aware how his performance affected Simon Cowell until he watched the show back (

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