Has Pentagon Jr ever been unmasked?

Has Pentagon Jr ever been unmasked?

Early career. As the man behind the Pentagón Jr. mask has never been unmasked in the ring not much is known about his previous history beyond what has been revealed by the man himself, which is traditional in Lucha libre. he was trained by Skayde, and made his debut in 2007, working as the masked character “Zaius”.

What is Pentagon JR real name?

Pentagón Jr.
Pénta El Zero M/Full name

Why did Penta change his name?

Due to trademark issues, Pentagon Jr. had to change his ring name while working for AEW. Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that “Pentagon Jr. is now Penta Cero M. name because they had a working relationship with AAA, which owns the name.

Are Fenix and Pentagon JR brothers?

Personal lives. Pentagón Jr. and Fénix are real-life brothers. Their father and another brother are also professional wrestlers; their father worked as Fuego, while their brother performs under the ring name Ikaro.

How old is Rey Fénix?

31 years (December 30, 1990)

How much does Pentagon Jr weigh?

207 lbs
Pénta El Zero M/Weight

What are the Lucha brothers saying?

Crowd Chant: “CERO MI-EDO!” (clap-clap-clap) is the usual chant in support of the Lucha Brothers. Dark Is Not Evil: Penta is not a face or a heel but more like a tweener with gray area when he’s with his brother.

Is Rey Fenix injured?

Fenix took part in a tag team match teaming with Penta Zero Miedo against the pairing of Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus during AEW Dynamite. However, Rey Fenix himself reported that he did not suffer a broken bone, although further medical evaluations will be necessary, as there is still no exact diagnosis of his injury.

How tall is Pentagon Jr?

5′ 11″
Pénta El Zero M/Height

How much do luchadores make?

For while WWE wrestlers can easily pocket $2m (£1.3m) a year, the best lucha libre fighters earn about $1,600 at the largest weekly events, and most are paid significantly less.

What are masked Mexican wrestlers called?

Lucha libre wrestlers are known as luchadores (singular luchador, meaning “wrestler”). They usually come from extended wrestling families who form their own stables.

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