Has chloe Khan got a kid?

Has chloe Khan got a kid?

The 30-year-old former X Factor contestant is proud mum to 13-year-old daughter Destiny – who she works hard to protect from the limelight. Chloe shares her daughter with former partner Ian Hough – and has frequently refer to her daughter as the most important person in her life.

Were is Chloe Khan from?

Chloe was born Chloe Victoria Heald on June 1 1990 in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. She was raised by her mother and the pair of them struggled financially.

What is Chloe Khan famous for?

Chloe Khan is a British model and television personality who achieved fame after competing on The X Factor UK in 2010. Besides that, she has made a name for herself on various social media platforms.

What is Chloe Khan Instagram?

🌴CHLOE KHAN🌴 (@chloe. khan) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who is Chloe Khans baby daddy?

Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson ‘is expecting a son with Texas personal trainer’

How tall is Chloe Khan?

5′ 7″
Chloe Khan/Height

What age is Chloe Khan?

29 years (June 1, 1992)
Chloe Khan/Age

Why is Chloe surname Khan?

The pal said: “Chloe’s biggest secret is that she is married, which is why she changed her surname from Heald to Khan. “He is a British Pakistani from Bradford, and they have been married since 2011.

How does Chloe Khan earn money?

Webcam work and £50K makeover post-X Factor Chloe spent some time out of the limelight following her X Factor journey, but emerged again a few years later when it was revealed she’d earned herself a fortune by setting up a webcam business.

What surgery has Chloe Khan?

Chloe may be recovering from surgery, but this did not stop her from applying a full face of makeup as she prepared to dine with her family. Back in 2018, the Wakefield-born beauty admitted to having three nose jobs, two breast implants, a Brazilian bum lift (BBL) and bum implants.

How old is Chloe Khan?

What does Chloe Khan weigh?

Khan has a weight of 62 kg (136.7lbs).

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