Has Authority cat food been discontinued?

Has Authority cat food been discontinued?

No Longer Available This item may be discontinued.

How much does Authority cat food cost?

How Much Does Authority Cat Food Cost? Authority is an inexpensive brand. Based on standard feeding guidelines for the average 10-lb cat, Authority’s dry recipes cost about $0.18 to $0.28 per day.

Is authority a PetSmart brand?

With Authority dog food, PetSmart makes it easy to give them the nutrients they need – and the flavors they love.

Who is authority cat food made by?

Authority was formed by well-known pet retailer PetSmart in 1995. Their products are expertly formulated, science-backed foods, developed with the guidance of vets, researchers, and pet nutritionists from the Healthy Pet Advisory Council.

Does chewy still sell Authority?

Authority is manufactured by Petsmart and is now exclusively sold at Petsmart and Chewy.

Where is authority pet food made?

the USA
They also make cat food that follows a similar edict, and in addition to dry kibble they offer wet food and treats. The food claims that it’s made in the USA, but no information is offered beyond that.

Does chewy sell Authority?

Is authority a good brand?

Authority is a grain-inclusive dry dog food using a notable amount of named meat meals as its main source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4.5 stars.

Is authority dog food made in China?

No. They continue by naming their meat sources and where it is imported from and that the food is all made in the USA. I then asked if any of their vitamins were sourced from China….These Commercial Dog Foods Source From China.

Manufacturer Label Names Sourced from China
Petsmart Label Brand Authority Yes

Is authority cat food Aafco?

Authority Indoor Chicken & Rice Formula Kitten Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Cat Nutrient Profiles for growth.

Why is chewy not carrying authority?

Fromm believes our products are best sold by retailers who know our product and can offer pet parents what’s right for their specific dog or cat. As a result of Chewy’s sale to PetSmart, they are no longer an authorized retailer of Fromm products.”

Is authority good cat food?

Most Authority formulas are chicken-based. However, Authority brand cat food does contain ingredients such as ground corn and corn gluten meal, which are usually among the first five ingredients. Brewers rice is also present in many Authority formulas. Dried cellulose is also occasionally present in Authority cat food.

Who makes Authority cat food?

The company who makes Authority cat food is called PetSmart. PetSmart is a retail store that sells a variety of pet foods, pet care products and other pet supplies. PetSmart was founded in 1986, and was previously called PETsMART.

What is cat cat food?

Cat food is manufactured for consumption by kittens and cats. Although cats are carnivores, most commercial cat food contains both animal and plant material, supplemented with various vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

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