Does Slow Cow work?

Does Slow Cow work?

This beverage may be extremely relaxing and calming,” the website cautions.) Even though Drank and similar products are meant to sharpen the mind—Slow Cow is an excellent choice right before an exam, Fleury says—most insist they have little in common with energy drinks like Red Bull.

Is Slow Cow a energy drink?

IS SLOW COW® THE OPPOSITE OF AN ENERGY DRINKS? No Slow Cow® is not the opposite of an energy drink. Slow Cow® is a “relaxation” drink, that promotes a feeling of natural calmness.

Does Slow Cow have caffeine?

Slow Cow contains no calories, no caffeine, no sugar and no preservatives. The benefits provided by its six natural ingredients are numerous. Slow Cow does not induce sleep, drowsiness nor fatigue.

What Flavour is slow Cow mind cooler?

Dragon fruit
Sparkling water infused with a light citrus and Dragon fruit flavour. SlowCow is a Mind Cooler infused with 6 plants extract: L-theanine, valerian, chamomile, passiflora, linden and hops.

What is Slow Cow Inc?

Slow Cow is a relaxation drink Dubbed an “anti-energy” drink, produced in Quebec, Canada by the company Slow Cow Drink Inc. it was created to “help people slow down” and parodied Red Bull by using packaging similar to that of the popular energy drink.

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