Does Redland Bay have a beach?

Does Redland Bay have a beach?

Access to the island is by passenger or vehicle ferry. You can access some beaches by road, while others require a 4WD vehicle (note: requires permit).

Can you swim at Thompsons Beach?

Thompson’s Beach Enjoy a free electric BBQ’s, a playground area for children, swimming, walking, beach cricket, volleyball, canoeing and fishing.

Where can I swim in Redlands?


  • Redland Bay: corner Moores Road and The Esplanade.
  • Karragarra Island: Foreshore Park, The Esplanade.
  • Lamb Island: Pioneer Park, Lucas Drive.
  • Macleay Island: Pat’s Park, Beelong Street.
  • Russell Island: Lions Boulevard Park, High Street.
  • North Stradbroke Island: Cabarita Park, Claytons Road, Amity Point.

Can you swim at Victoria Point QLD?

With its multitude of parks and esplanades, Victoria Point is a popular destination for leisurely outdoor afternoons spent strolling, swimming, cycling or enjoying a barbecue with family and friends.

Is it safe to swim in Redland Bay?

Swimming and recreational water sports are popular and safe activities in the Redlands Coast. The monitoring is conducted regularly throughout the year at a number of locations across the Redlands Coast.

Can you swim in Redland Bay?

Swimming enclosures in the Redlands Coast are enclosed areas in our bay waters where you can enjoy safer swimming, recreation and play. Enclosures are found on the mainland and on the bay islands.

Can you drive on Thompsons Beach?

Beach driving is permitted on the beach in front of the township, but the speed limit is 25 kmh. NOTE: Bogging regularly occurs at Thompson Beach. If you’re not very familiar with sand driving and don’t carry the necessary equipment to get yourself out of trouble, it’s probably best avoided.

What is there to do at Thompson Beach?

The area is known for its crabbing, fishing, bird-watching, nature trails and peace and quiet. It’s a great place to kick back, relax and quietly enjoy the natural surroundings. Thompson Beach is home to the northern gateway of the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary National Park (Winaityinaityi Pangkara).

How many people live in Redland Bay Qld?

14,958 people
People — demographics & education In the 2016 Census, there were 14,958 people in Redland Bay (State Suburbs). Of these 49.7% were male and 50.3% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 2.2% of the population.

Can you swim at Lamb Island?

The second smallest of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, it has a swimming enclosure and all the peace and quiet you want, particularly as it is virtually traffic-free. You can meet the locals at the recreation clubhouse.

Does Deception Bay have a beach?

Located North-West of Redcliffe, Deception Bay is a hidden gem of a beach. This stunning beach is a beautiful place to visit during low tide. Best of all, it has stairways leading down to the beach. The kids will have fun exploring the tidal flats and trying to catch crabs on the shore.

Can you take dogs to Thompson Beach?

Dogs must be kept on leash at all times. Camping and cooking fires are not permitted anywhere within the town or Park. Removal of shells and beach materials is prohibited.

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