Does Oporto have a secret menu?

Does Oporto have a secret menu?

Oporto’s legendary Bondi Burger® is now also available as a wrap on the restaurant’s secret menu which was only announced to its Flame Rewards loyalty customers.

How much is a burger at Oporto?

Oporto Menu also has delightful and tasty dessert with appetizing drinks and crave-able sauce with a myriad variety of foodstuff and the chicken they use is 100% Australian Chicken….Burgers.

Burgers Without Meal With Meal
Otropo Burger $13.65 $19.50
Triple Otropo Burger $16.25 $22.10
Veggie Burger $11.65 $17.50

Does Oporto have frozen Coke?

Oporto – Beat the heat with a $2 Frozen Coke from Oporto!

What chicken does Oporto use?

By sourcing 100% Australian chicken, we can deliver our chicken fresh daily to our restaurants.

What is Prego sauce Oporto?

A tangy and creamy BBQ-inspired sauce.

Why is Porto called Oporto?

In Portuguese, the name of the city includes a definite article: o Porto (“the port” or “the harbor”), which is where its English name “Oporto” comes from. Porto is on the Portuguese Way path of the Camino de Santiago.

How much is a Bondi burger meal at Oporto?

Oporto Menu Prices

Menu Item Price
Bondi Burger $11,65
Bondi Burger Meal $17,50
Halloumi & Chicken Burger $14,95
Halloumi & Chicken Burger Meal $20,80

What’s healthy at Oporto?


  • The single fillet Bondi Burger is your healthiest burger option here, with relatively low fat and sodium at 301 calories per portion.
  • You can opt for an even healthier Pulled Chicken Bowl or Chicken and Fetta Salad and skip the burger bun altogether.

Can you buy Oporto sauce?

Oporto’s legendary sauces are now available in convenient take home bottles. Available for a limited time only at participating restaurants.

Does Oporto do gravy?

Oporto – Fresh Grilled Chicken and Burgers Perfectly seasoned creamy mash served with a healthy dollop of our smooth, rich gravy. Available for a limited time only at participating restaurants.

What’s the difference between Porto and Oporto?

Porto (meaning “port”) is a masculine noun in Portuguese. So it has to be preceded by the masculine defined article “o”. It may sound to non-Portuguese speakers “oporto”, but it is “o Porto”.

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