Does Oney work for Newgrounds?

Does Oney work for Newgrounds?

Chris O’Neil is an popular animator known for making many popular series on Newgrounds. Oney has been creating flash movies on Newgrounds since 2006 with his most recent works coming out mid-2018. He has also been involved in the creation of several flash games.

Who is part of OneyPlays?

Christopher Luke “Chris” O’Neill (born: November 21, 1990 (1990-11-21) [age 31]), better known online as OneyPlays (also known as OneyNG and Oney), is an Irish YouTuber, animator, gamer, music producer, and game developer.

Who is Oney cartoon?

Chris O’Neill
Christopher Luke O’Neill (born 21 November 1990), also known by his Internet pseudonym Oney (/ˈoʊni/) or OneyNG, is an Irish animator, voice actor, musician, video game designer, and YouTube personality….Chris O’Neill (YouTuber)

Chris O’Neill
Personal information
Genre animation comedy
Subscribers 2.48 million (OneyNG) 955 thousand (OneyPlays)

Where is Oney plays from?

In 2016, Oney moved from Philadelphia, PA to Los Angeles, CA.

Does Oney have a brother?

Adam “X-Man Tornado Bumblebee PSNightHawk Theodore” O’Neill is the brother of Chris O’Neill (Not to be confused with the fake brother, Bert O’Neill or his light-based brother, BeamNG) and also an example of the average Frogger player.

Did Oney work on Smiling Friends?

Absolutely you did. They aired a pilot episode called Smiling Friends. It was amazing. Congrats!

Does OneyPlays have autism?

Autism is the main MacGuffin and source of infinite power in the Ding Dong and Julian arc of OneyPlays. Many of the often inexplicable events in the OneyPlays show are more often than not a result of Autism affecting the real world.

Does Julian Marcel have a glass eye?

Julian doesn’t like diapers, yet he wore a Fur Suit. Julian lost one of his eyes after falling onto a sapling in the ground.

Who voices PIM smiling?


  • Michael Cusack as Pim / Alan / Pim’s Sister / Pim’s Mom / Pim’s Dad / various Bliblies / Mr.
  • Zach Hadel as Charlie Dompler / Glep / Desmond’s Mom / Screaming Bird / Charlie’s Grandma / Crazy Character in the TV / various Bliblies / Salt / Century Egg / Mip / Gnarly / DJ Spit / Mr.
  • Marc M.

Is Zach still on OneyPlays?

Zach is as of now, January of 2022, the first Newgrounder to air his own show, Smiling Friends, on adult swim.

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