Does Nokia 6300 have WhatsApp?

Does Nokia 6300 have WhatsApp?

Nokia 6300 4G comes with KaiOS that allows WhatsApp support.

When did the Nokia 6300 come out?

The Nokia 6300 4G, which features a physical keypad design nearly identical to the old 2006 version, will be available on HMD Global’s e-commerce site beginning on February 11th. Priced at just $59, the phone will also be available to pre-order at Amazon starting on February 8th.

Does the Nokia 6300 have WiFi calling?

The 6300 is a very rare dual-SIM phone that’s been approved for VOLTE and Wi-Fi calling use by all three US carriers. You can use one SIM, a US and a foreign SIM, or two US SIMs.

Does Nokia 6300 have Google Maps?

The killer app is Google Maps, which comes preloaded and provides transit, walking, and driving directions. Maps is the app I miss when I’m out with a basic phone and I need to find a bookstore, a park, or a Chipotle. More than any other feature, its inclusion makes the 6300 a satisfying smartphone replacement.

Does Nokia 6300 have GPS?

When sending the location, the GPS coordinates (Galileo, Baidu or Glonass) of your 6300 4G are sent, obtained through its GPS chip or through A-GPS and you can locate those coordinates on a map.

Does Nokia 6300 have Bluetooth?

This GSM phone sports a thin bar-style form with stainless steel cladding. Key features include a QVGA display, 2 megapixel camera, and a memory card slot. Other features include a music player, stereo Bluetooth, EDGE data, FM radio, and Flash Lite 2.0.

How do I turn my Nokia Lumia 6300 into a hotspot?

Use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot

  1. Press the scroll key and select Settings > Network & Connectivity > Internet sharing .
  2. If you have a dual-SIM phone, select which SIM to use for sharing.
  3. Turn Wi-Fi hotspot on.

Does the Nokia 6300 4G have Wi-Fi?

4G and WiFi hotspot Enjoy the ease of 4G and share a connection with the WiFi hotspot.

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