Does MAKO make a good boat?

Does MAKO make a good boat?

Mako boats have undergone a lot of changes over the last twenty years, and this has led some to believe that they aren’t a good value any more. However, Mako boats are still good boats, and I feel they’re worth looking at.

Does Bass Pro own Mako?

One that would lead to Bass Pro Shops® and White River Marine Group (WMRG). WRMG acquired MAKO in 1996. The combined might of these two brands assured that MAKO offshore and inshore boats would become better than ever. Today, WRMG is the largest boat builder in the world by volume.

Who makes Mako?

Stryker Corporation
MAKO Surgical Corp.

Industry Medical devices
Fate Acquired by Stryker Corporation
Key people Maurice Ferre M.D., Fritz LaPorte, former CFO, Treasurer, Sr. VP of Finance
Products RIO Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic Systems RESTORIS Implants for partial knee and total hip arthroplasty
Revenue US$ 102.72Million (2012)

How much does a 20 foot Mako boat weigh?


Length 6.2 m 20′ 4”
Max. Person Capacity 8 persons
Max. Person Weight 657.71 kg 1450 lbs.
Max. Person, Motor & Gear Weight 1043.26 kg 2300 lbs.
Interior Depth 63.5 cm 25”

Do MAKO boats hold their value?

Do Mako Boats Hold Their Value? Older Makos, owing to their quality construction, have held their value very well over the decades.

Are MAKO boats foam filled?

Hull cavities are filled with foam for flotation, structural rigidity and noise suppression. MAKO boats are built with a 100%-composite Coosa structure and 100%-fiberglass stringer system. The award-winning Advanced Inverted V (AIV) hull gives our skiffs the ultimate in smoothness and stability.

What does mako stand for?


Acronym Definition
MAKO Movement Against Kindred Offenders

Do Mako boats have wood?

Year17 mako was all glass, no wood.

How long is a Mako 171?

24″ x 9″ x 40″
Overall dimensions: 24″ x 9″ x 40″.

Is Mako a good brand?

Since the dawn of the company, Mako has been the leader in innovation and maximum fishability. The Mako brand is among the top brands in fishing vessels throughout Florida and they have gained that status by producing overbuilt vessels of various sizes for the fishermen that use them most.

Are Grady White Boats foam filled?

All Grady-White boats have basic foam flotation and boats smaller than 20 feet have level flotation.

What kind of boat is a Mako Pro skiff?

Mako boats for sale. The quick, compact and shallow-drafting MAKO® Pro Skiff 15 CC is rides smooth and dry thanks to our tri-keeled Advanced Inverted V (AIV) hull. With a wide beam and a Mercury® outboard capacity of up to 60HP, it’s both powerful and stable—and packs a lot of handy features into a modestly-sized package.

Why buy a Mako® boat?

Since their introduction more than 50 years ago, MAKO® boats have been renowned for being tougher than necessary. These boats are built to take on the rough saltwater conditions to get anglers and their crew to their destination and home safe and sound.

What is the Mako® 21 LTS guide package?

The MAKO® 21 LTS Guide Package is built to specs supplied by top redfish tournament pros, and it’s set up to make your inshore adventures more enjoyable whether you’re guiding, competing or just fun-fishing.

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