Does Indiana regulate online auctions?

Does Indiana regulate online auctions?

Pursuant to IC 5-22-22-4.5, IOT is required to approve the use of Internet auction sites for the sale of “personal property” by a “governmental body” in Indiana. (For a list of property exempt from this requirement, see IC 5-22-22-1. Other laws may apply.

Can I hold my own auction?

Yes, people in the United States can sell (by auction or otherwise) their own property themselves. In other words, without the use of an auctioneer, real estate licensee, appraiser, surveyor, attorney … an owner can “do it himself.”

Are auctions on Facebook Legal?

Facebook has rules about what may be sold on its platform. Among other things, Facebook prohibits adult products, alcohol, raffle tickets, digital products, and services. This may force you to exclude some auction items you’ve already procured.

Is police auctions com a legitimate site? is a SCAM. Don’t buy from them. Bidding on items makes the cost of the item higher than it can be found anywhere else. The same items are repeated in other auctions.

Is GovPlanet com legit?

GovPlanet is a leading online auction marketplace for buying and selling used construction and agricultural equipment. Unlike other auction companies, our equipment is inspected & guaranteed. Our convenient, reliable, and easy-to-use auction approach minimizes hassles and maximizes both buyer and seller satisfaction.

How do online penny auctions work?

In a penny auction, the site owner posts items and you pay to bid for them. Unlike a traditional auction, where only the winner pays, penny auctions require you to pay before – and as – you bid, win or lose. You may have to pay a fee just to register for the site, and sometimes, it’s substantial.

How does online estate auctions work?

The online estate auction has simply shifted this process to the internet. Instead of the auction being hosted over several days in a private home, the items are collected by the liquidator, photographed, evaluated and graded where applicable, tagged, and have an opening bid set. Afterward, the items are available to view and be bid on online.

What is an online auction fraud?

Online Auction Fraud. Overpayment schemes are common on auction sites. This scam targets sellers, typically of high-end items. The criminal, on winning the auction, sends a counterfeit check or money order to the seller and requests that the seller refund the difference between the purchase price and face value of the bogus check.

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