Does HP Folio 9470m have a SIM card slot?

Does HP Folio 9470m have a SIM card slot?

though it has SIM slot option beneath the battery compartment i have installed sim in it.

Does HP Folio have HDMI port?

Our review configuration of the Elitebook Folio has a 1.8GHz Intel Core i5-3427 CPU, the same as the recently reviewed ThinkPad X1 Carbon….Ports and configurations.

HP Elitebook Folio 9470m Average for category [midsize]
Video VGA, DisplayPort VGA, plus HDMI or DisplayPort

How many RAM slots does HP Folio have?

The Laptop has 2 Slots to install memory, already with 4GB standard memory installed.

Does HP Folio 9480M have HDMI port?

The HP EliteBook 9480M-K1C49PA packs 500GB of HDD storage. Graphics are powered by Intel HD Graphics 4400. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, Ethernet and it comes with 2 USB ports (2 x USB 3.0), HDMI Port, Multi Card Slot, Headphone and Mic Combo Jack, VGA Port, RJ45 (LAN) ports.

How do I activate my SIM card HP Elitebook?

  1. Activate mobile broadband data service.
  2. With the computer off, insert the activated SIM card into the SIM slot of the computer.
  3. Turn on your computer and wait for Windows to load completely.
  4. Set up a mobile broadband connection using the HP Connection Manager software or the built-in.
  5. Inserting and removing a SIM card.

How many RAM slots does HP Folio 9470m?

HP EliteBook Folio 9470m Memory Upgrades ✓ Guaranteed Compatible

Make & Model HP EliteBook Folio 9470m
Total Memory Slots 2
Maximum Memory 16GB

What is the use of SIM slot in HP EliteBook?

All models of the EliteBook 840 G5 come with a SIM card slot for connecting to an LTE network, but the SIM card slot isn’t enabled on all models. LTE connectivity requires an accessible SIM slot and a Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) chip installed internally.

How do I use the SIM card slot on my HP EliteBook?

  1. Disconnect the AC power and remove the battery.
  2. Locate the SIM card slot. With the cut corner oriented correctly, insert and press the SIM card into the SIM card slot. (Keep gold side faced down)
  3. Push the SIM card until it locks into position.
  4. Replace the battery and reconnect the AC power.

What ports does the HP EliteBook folio 9470m have?

HP EliteBook Folio 9470M ports Where competitors such as the ThinkPad X1 Carbon lack important connection options, HP’s enterprise Ultrabook has just about any port a business user could want, including an Ethernet port for connecting to wired networks and a VGA port for attaching to older projectors and monitors.

How good is the HP 9470m?

On PCMark7, a synthetic benchmark that measures overall performance, the 9470m scored 4,496, comfortably above the 3,208 ultraportable notebook category average, but behind the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon with the same CPU (5,297) and the 1.7-GHz Core i5-3317U-powered Toshiba Portege Z935-P300’s score of 5,486.

How long does the HP EliteBook folio 9740m battery last?

With its default battery, the HP EliteBook Folio 9740m lasted a strong 7 hours and 4 minutes on the LAPTOP Battery Test, which involves continuous surfing over Wi-Fi at 40 percent brightness.

How good is Microsoft Office 9470m at macro analysis?

The 9470m was not quite as fast as its peers when it came to crunching numbers on the OpenOffice Spreadsheet Macro Test, which matches 20,000 names with their addresses.

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