Does forename include middle names?

Does forename include middle names?

Your middle names (if you have any) are a part of your first name. So, for example, if your full name were “John Fred SMITH” (your surname being “SMITH”), then your first name (in full) would be “John Fred”.

Is forename same as middle name?

Many people, however, have several forenames and one or more middle names in their full name. Forenames are the first names in our full name. Middle names are found in the middle of our full name. In Thomas Schougaard Jensen the name Schougaard is a middle name.

Is a middle name considered a first name?

In several cultures, a middle name is a portion of a personal name that is written between the person’s first given name and their surname. A middle name is often abbreviated and is then called middle initial or just initial.

What is a forename example?

The definition of a forename is a person’s first name. An example of forename is Beverly. A name before one’s surname; a first name.

Does my full name include my middle name?

More Definitions of Full legal name Full legal name means a natural person’s first name, middle name and family name or last name, without the use of initials or a nickname. Full legal name means an individual’s first name, middle name(s), and last name or surname, without use of initials or nicknames.

Is second forename middle name?

A second and/or middle name that some people have between their first name and surname.

What does forename mean in UK?

first name
countable noun [oft poss NOUN] Your forename is your first name. Your forenames are your names other than your surname.

What is middle name in UK?

Many British also have a ‘middle name’, which is a secondary given name written between the person’s first name and their family name. For example, Emily Claire TAYLOR’s middle name is ‘Claire’. Middle names are optional and are rarely used in daily life. However, most British have one or multiple.

Is your middle name on your passport?

Answer Your passport will contain your entire name. Your middle name will be spelled out entirely. The United States Transportation Security Administration made it mandatory for passengers to provide their full name.

Whats is your forename?

noun. a name that precedes the family name or surname; first name.

What does forename mean?

Definition of forename : a name that precedes one’s surname. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About forename.

Do I need to include middle name?

Originally Answered: Are you required to write your middle name/initial on legal documents? No. You can sign your usual signature if it includes your middle name. Some attorneys may ask you to sign whatever of your nane appears on the document.

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