Does Dex-cool need to be diluted?

Does Dex-cool need to be diluted?

In extremely cold environments, the ratio for standard ethylene glycol can go as high as 70% antifreeze, 30% water. With DEX-COOL®, the maximum ratio of antifreeze to water is 60/40. All coolants must be diluted with water at the proper ratios and should not be used full-strength.

Can you use straight Dexcool?

Dex-cool is fine. As said, it’s pretty pointless to use anymore than a 50/50 mix. Personally, I used to run something like a 25/75 mix of dexcool and water.

Can you use regular antifreeze instead of Dex-cool?

So if you don’t want to use dex-cool, the system needs to be drained and thoroughly flushed. Then it should be ok to use regular anti freeze. VW however warns against using anything other than their coolant, saying it can erode gaskets etc. So ultimately stick with what your recommended fluids.

Can you add water to orange coolant?

They are traditionally green or orange. Antifreeze is a pure substance that does need to be mixed with equal parts water to make an acceptable engine coolant.

Can I mix Prestone with Dex-cool?

Yes, Prestone is very compatible with all makes and models of cars, and all other coolants. It’s the only coolant/antifreeze which can be mixed with any other coolant without causing any damage.

Can you mix universal coolant with DexCool?

Technically, you can mix coolant types, but before you go ahead and do it, let’s cover some things. Currently, many coolant producers make solutions that aren’t Dex-Cool but are safe to mix with Dex-Cool. Make sure to read your manual and the label on the coolant that you would like to add thoroughly.

When did GM stop using Dex-cool?

Dex-Cool, which is made by Texaco, is being used exclusively by General Motors in some buildout 1995 models and all 1996 cars and trucks except Saturn and Geo. GM postponed using Dex-Cool in Saturn cars until the 1997 model year because it did not have enough data to make use of the new coolant possible in 1996 models.

What happens if I put too much water in my coolant?

Coolant expands as it heats and contracts when it cools. The extra space prevents damage to your engine and hoses. In worst case scenarios, overfilling your antifreeze tank can lead to electrical damage if overflow comes into contact with engine wiring.

What happens if coolant to water ratio is too high?

Having too much water will not cool the engine as well as a 50-50 mix, and having too much antifreeze could cause your water pump to fail. Since antifreeze is much thicker than water, your water pump has to work twice as hard to pump pure antifreeze than it does a 50-50 mix.

Can you mix dexdex-cool with regular coolant?

Dex-Cool is a specially formulated GM coolant which will not mix with traditional coolants, and was used in various GM applications up through the 2004 model year. Mixture of alternate chemicals will void the GM endorsement, will degrade coolant integrity, and possibly damage the coolant system…

What is DEX COOL made of?

PRODUCT DETAILS. GM OE Dex-Cool Antifreeze Extended Life Coolant Concentrate is an orange, silicate and phosphate free, premium-grade coolant/antifreeze that is formulated with a chemical composition that minimizes breakdown of metal components in contact with the fluid. Accordingly, when did GM stop using Dex cool?

When did GM start using DEX COOL coolant?

Back in 1995, GM began to use “Dex-Cool” coolant in its vehicles; in fact, you may very well be driving a vehicle that uses Dex-Cool. Also, should I use Dex Cool coolant? Firstly, Dex-Cool and traditional anti-freeze don’t mix well.

How long does DEX-COOL last?

Dex-Cool is now used in almost 40 million vehicles sold by GM since 1996. On its website, GM claims Dex-Cool will last 5 years or 150,000 miles but a steady stream of consumers insist the product is defective and has damaged their vehicles.

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