Does Alonso like Verstappen?

Does Alonso like Verstappen?

Max Verstappen admits that he’s been a long-time admirer of Fernando Alonso and shares a close friendship with him. Alonso has been full of praise towards Max Verstappen ever since the former’s return to the sport in 2021.

Why did Fernando leave F1?

When Alonso left F1 at the end of 2018, after four torrid and disappointing years with McLaren, he said it was not because he couldn’t get a drive at a top team – though in reality, there were no seats at the big teams available – but rather because he wanted to take on bigger challenges outside of Formula 1.

Who is the richest driver in the world?

Michael Schumacher But he still has some way to go to catch Schumacher on the rich list. The German, who has not been seen in public since a serious skiing accident in 2013, is still the wealthiest driver in the world due to his astonishing net worth, believed to be $800m (£604.9m).

Did Fernando Alonso retire?

After a disappointing four seasons spent back at McLaren after leaving Ferrari at the end of 2014, Alonso stepped away from the sport entirely three years ago to instead compete in an array of different motorsport disciplines including sportscars and rally-raid.

Why did Fernando leave McLaren?

“I explained it very clearly in my statement: I am stopping Formula One because there are other bigger challenges outside Formula One than the ones I can see here. “It’s not because I am not winning here, I could sign for a competitive team next year, maybe not the top two, but maybe the third one.

Is Nicholas Latifi a pay driver?

The Canadian joined the F1 grid in 2020 after almost securing the 2019 F2 world championship title. Latifi is indeed a pay driver and according to reports, the Canadian brings a whopping $30 million to Williams Racing. Of course, his father, Michael Latifi, plays a significant part in this.

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