Do you need shin guards for kickboxing?

Do you need shin guards for kickboxing?

Most Muay Thai and Kickboxing schools will not allow you to take part in full-contact training without shin guards, and in sparring, shin guards are mandatory. Like in any sport or martial art, there are some risks involved.

What size shin guards do I need for kickboxing?

However, as a general guide, if you’re a smaller fighter (Under 5’8) you can use a medium sized shin guard, large is for an average size range (roughly 5’8 to 6’0) and extra large for heavyweights. REMEMBER that the sizing varies depending on the length of your shin.

Do kickboxers wear shin guards?

Whether you’ve been training for a while, or are just looking to purchase your first pair of kickboxing shin guards, you would of seen that the shin guard is one of the main pieces of equipment in kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Why are shin guards important in Taekwondo?

Continuous kicking can cause your shins to bruise up and even fracture, so it is important to invest in some shin guards to prevent injury. In order to wear shin guards during competition, they need to be approved by the World Taekwondo Federation.

How much do shin guards cost?

Most kids shin guards, regardless of style, will run around $20 — and often less. And hand-me-downs are always the the magical price of free. (Just make sure they fit.)

How do you know what size shin guards to get?

To determine what size hockey shin guards you need, the rule of thumb is to measure from your ankle to the middle of your kneecap with your foot on the ground. But unlike other hockey protective gear, sizing for shin guards depends on how the player chooses to wear them: over the tongue of the skate, or under.

Do shin guards go under the socks?

Shin guards are worn under the socks, so don’t put them on yet. Position the shin guards correctly. If your shin guards have ankle pads, they should cover the bony sections on both sides of your ankle. Be sure your shin guards are properly positioned before moving on, or you risk a serious injury.

How often should you change shin guards?

Most soccer players will typically wear shinguards for one or two years before replacing them.

Can you learn kickboxing by yourself?

Equip Yourself You can learn the basics of kickboxing without any equipment. Shadowboxing is an effective way to practice punches, kicks and footwork. If you plan to spar with a partner or punch a bag, you’ll need hand wraps and/or kickboxing gloves.

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