Do you need a keyboard tray with a standing desk?

Do you need a keyboard tray with a standing desk?

If you’re working with adjustable standing desk, adding a keyboard tray will be even better. Because you can adjust the desk surface, you can fine tune the monitor height and keyboard/mouse height better. For most users, adding a keyboard tray to a standing desk is all you need for proper dual ergonomics.

Are keyboard trays worth it?

“They may not be cool, but keyboard trays are a great ergonomic solution.” Keyboard trays are a classic office fixture and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They may not be cool, but they are a great ergonomic solution that allow users to properly align their arms, wrists, and hands while typing.

Can you install a keyboard tray under desk?

They can be mounted on either your desk or a wall, and are easily adjustable to optimal ergonomic height, but do not get in the way underneath your desk. Is your keyboard tray on a track?

What is an articulating keyboard tray?

Articulating keyboard trays allow an individual to position the keyboard at variable heights and angles. Some trays go from sitting to standing positions and are equipped with enough space to handle a mouse; other systems offer a separate mouse tray.

Are desks with keyboard trays good?

Keyboard trays prevent long-term health issues, and they are said to improve productivity and workplace energy (much like a standing desk). Because you can view your monitor correctly and type without incurring pain, you’ll be more likely to be productive and less tired throughout the day.

Why should you not use armrest while typing?

Resting your arms or wrists on arm or wrist rests while typing requires forearm muscles to do most of the work. Pulling your fingers upward (“extension”) puts a constant strain on the forearm muscles that hold the wrist in extension, and may irritate the tendons on the top of your elbow causing pain in the forearm.

What is a trackless keyboard tray?

This keyboard tray installs directly under your desk without a track, allowing it to fit tighter spaces while providing greater stability. When you’re not using it, you can simply stow it under your desk to free up space.

What is an adjustable keyboard tray?

Adjustable Keyboard Tray: The SmartMoves® Height and Tilt Adjustable Keyboard Tray offers easy access to your keyboard when you need it. Whether you are sitting or standing, the multi-angle adjustment feature of the keyboard tray allows you to position your keyboard in the most comfortable way possible.

Are keyboard trays sturdy?

The 3M Keyboard Tray isn’t a cheap upgrade for your desk, but it does offer plenty of features. It’s sturdy so there’s minimal bouncing during use, plus it easily swivels left and right so you can safely store it under the desk when not in use. It comes with a gel wrist rest too, so your wrists enjoy some protection.

How do I choose a keyboard tray?

In order to choose a tray that will work, you need to know how much space you have on the underside of your desk. Desk trays can have rails as long as 22 inches, which is too deep for many desks, especially height-adjustable ones.

What are 3M adjustable keyboard trays?

3M Adjustable Keyboard Trays help place your keyboard and mouse at proper level to increase comfort and productivity. AKT180LE has an sit/stand easy adjust arm – just tilt platform, adjust and release to lock in place.

How long is the sit stand keyboard tray?

With the Sit/Stand Easy-Adjust Keyboard Tray, you’ll have the flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing positions while you work for a more ergonomic work area. With a 23 inch track length, the Sit/Stand Easy-Adjust Keyboard Tray is suitable for corner desks or straight desks with a minimum 23-1/4 inch mounting depth.

What does the 3M mouse tray look like?

More about the mouse tray; it has an adjustable position with lever-locked Tilt and Side-to-Side positions (but alas…no elevation feature) and can be switched for Right or Left handed use. It is covered with an opaque-white coarse plastic type material which 3M claims will make the mouse more efficient.

Will a 21 inch keyboard and mouse tray fit in a desk?

I have a desk with a narrow 21 inch opening and the 21 inch keyboard tray fits within that space (see photo 1). However, the attached mouse tray widens the set too much, minimally 24 inches (up to 27 inches when fully extended) (photo 2).

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