Do Xia thank you?

Do Xia thank you?

3 Use “do xia” in the Hakka dialect and in Taiwanese Chinese. This is an alternate way of saying “thank you” in both dialects. In native characters, write do xia as 多謝. A rough pronunciation would be do-syeh.

What is thank you in Hong Kong?

Mm goi (唔該) – Thank you You might’ve heard of variations of “thank you” in Hong Kong (such as “thank you lei”, which literally means “thank you you”), but the correct Cantonese term for expressing gratitude is “mm goi”.

Can je sai do Cantonese?

(Cantonese) Used to thank someone for a gift, including for patronage or applause.

How do you spell xie xie?

The Chinese word xiexie – 谢谢 – xièxie. (thank you in Chinese)

What does Sik fan mean?

eat; food; to feed.

How do you say good morning in Hong Kong?

早(zou2) second rising tone, 早 晨(zou2 san4) in Cantonese is daybreak or morning, 晨(san4), 早 晨(zou2 san4). It’s actually just morning but when you say it to someone, it’s greeting. It means good morning 早 晨(zou2 san4).

What is hello in Hong Kong?

Neih hou (pronounced “nay-ho”) is used to say hello in Hong Kong. The pronunciation of hou is something between “ho” and “how.” But realistically, saying a simple hello (same as in English but with a little more “haaa-lo”) is extremely common for informal situations!

What does Shi in Chinese mean?

The Chinese word shi – 是 – shì (to be in Chinese) Deutsch.

How do you say bye in Hong Kong?

Many native people from Hong Kong have completely adopted the English word “goodbye,” pronouncing it 拜拜 (baai1 baai3). So remember this phrase as well.

How do you say thank you in Cantonese Chinese?

1. 12 Ways to say ‘Thank you’ in Cantonese

  1. Thank you. 多謝。
  2. That’s very kind of you. 你真係好人。
  3. Thanks for your kind words! 多謝你嘅鼓勵!
  4. Thank you for coming today. 多謝你今日賞面。
  5. Thank you for your consideration. 多謝你考慮。
  6. Thanks a lot!
  7. Teachers like you are not easy to find.
  8. Thank you for spending time with us.

What does lay Ho Ma mean?

Lay Ho Ma, pronounced lay ho ma. I’m Very Good (Mandarin)

What do they speak in Hong Kong?


How do you say see you tomorrow in Cantonese?

3. 明天见 (míng tiān jiàn): See you tomorrow.

Is Xie Xie Mandarin or Cantonese?

Shi -shi (xie xie) is Mandarin for thankyou. In Hong Kong they speak mostly Cantonese and there are 2 different words for thank you.

How do you respond to Chinese Xie Xie?

From them I learned two ways of responding to “谢谢” (xièxiè): “不客气” (bù kèqì) “谢谢你” (xièxiè nǐ)

What is ni hao ma answer?

你好吗? - Nǐ hǎo ma - In Chinglish it means “Are you good ? “ In English means “ How are you ? ”

How do you say sorry in Hong Kong?

1. The Two Most Common Phrases. The two most common Cantonese phrases for saying sorry are 對唔住 (deoi3 m4 zyu6) and 唔好意思 (m4 ho2 ji3 si3).

How do you reply to thank you in Chinese?

Remember, it is equally important to respond to Thank You by saying Méi wèntí means you welcome. It’s good to switch your language tone to a particular situation. If you understand the basic syntax of the Chinese, you can learn Chinese easily. The formal way of saying Thank You is 谢谢您 Xiè Xiè Nín.

How do you politely say thank you?

These general thank-you phrases can be used for all personal and professional communications:

  1. Thank you so much.
  2. Thank you very much.
  3. I appreciate your consideration/guidance/help/time.
  4. I sincerely appreciate ….
  5. My sincere appreciation/gratitude/thanks.
  6. My thanks and appreciation.
  7. Please accept my deepest thanks.

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