Do oxo still make lamb stock cubes?

Do oxo still make lamb stock cubes?

OXO Stock Cubes Available in delicious Beef, Chicken, Ham, Lamb and Vegetable flavours, and in 6s, 12s, 18s & 24s.

Can you get lamb stock cubes?

Knorr Lamb Stock Cubes are gluten-free and made with sustainably grown vegetables and herbs. From the nation’s favourite stock brand, they give you the rich flavour foundation that’s at the heart of any dish. Try them in a lamb stew, a delicious sauce, a tasty soup or any other exciting food you want to try.

Is it OK to drink Oxo cubes?

Yes, you dilute them with water. You can drink the resulting “ soup/consommé “ straight from a cup or use it as a base for other dishes. My mother used to sling these things into pretty much anything, including gravy. However.

Are stock cubes the same as Oxo?

Oxo (stylized OXO) is a brand of food products, including stock cubes, herbs and spices, dried gravy, and yeast extract. The original product was the beef stock cube, and the company now also markets chicken and other flavour cubes, including versions with Chinese and Indian spices.

How many OXO cubes is 100ml?

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Typical Values Per 100g as sold Per 100ml portion of stock as prepared
Protein 17.4g 0.5g
Salt 30.70g 0.95g
Each cube (5.9g) makes 190ml
This pack makes 24 portions of approximately 100ml

Why is OXO called OXO?

History. OXO was founded by Sam Farber, an entrepreneur in the housewares industry, and his son, John Farber. Sam Farber chose the name “OXO” as an ambigram that renders the three letters in “OXO” the same regardless of their orientation, either horizontal or vertically.

What can I use instead of lamb stock cube?

You can use chicken as a stock that is close and will not change the flavor of the lamb. You can do a combination of beef and chicken stock (keep it light on the beef). Off hand, if you are asking for stock information I would think that you are braising some meat that will be cooked low and slow.

How do you use lamb stock cubes?

How to use

  1. How to use.
  2. Dissolve the cube into 450ml of boiling water. Add the cube directly into the dish. Mix the cube with a little olive oil and rub into meat.

What does Oxo stand for?


Acronym Definition
OXO Også (Norwegian: as well, too)
OXO OmniPCX Office

How much salt is there in an Oxo cube?

Table of Nutritional Information

Per 100g as sold Per 100ml portion of stock as prepared
Fibre 6.5g <0.5g
Protein 18.2g 0.6g
Salt 21.28g 0.66g
Each cube (5.9g) makes 190 ml

Do OXO cubes contain meat?

Free From: Artificial Preservatives. For allergens, including Cereals containing Gluten, see ingredients in bold. Meat – free. No artificial preservative.

How much water do I put in my OXO cube?

Directions: Crumble your cube(s) directly into your food whilst cooking. Alternatively, for a tasty stock dissolve one cube in 190ml (1/3 pint) of boiling water. Do not use if inner foil is broken or torn.

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