Do DMC colors have names?

Do DMC colors have names?

DMC does NOT officially use these names… only their numbers to describe their thread. Various designers often use other names to describe the DMC colors on their patterns. DMC color *numbers* have not changed in the company’s 250 year history.

How are DMC colors numbered?

Thread colors on a color card are organized not by number but by shade. At the store, DMC thread is typically organized by color number. That can make it really hard to see and compare all the colors in a particular shade because they are spread out across the rack.

What is the DMC color chart?

3813 Blue Green – LT 3841
3814 Aquamarine 3842
3815 Celadon Green – DK 3843
3816 Celadon Green 3844

How many colors are in the DMC color chart?

The color card below shows the colors and their names. DMC now offers an astounding 500 colors of embroidery floss, and these lovely new 35 colors really round out the collection.

How many DMC numbers are there for diamond painting?

There are 447 different DMC numbers all together, meaning that there are 447 differently colored diamonds available to use when diamond painting.

What number is DMC ecru?


Ecru Ecru/off-white 315
Blanc White 316
B5200 Snow White 317
White White 318

How many DMC numbers are there?

The US DMC website lists only 489, there are some region-specific “exclusive” threads, and there are Étoile, Coloris, Color Variations, Light Effects, and even some Special Embroidery threads available.

What are the new DMC color numbers?

For the first time in 14 years, DMC threads are launching new colors….Without further ado, lets look at each of the new colors.

  • 01 to 04 – Greys.
  • 05 to 09 – Browns.
  • 10 to 18 – Greens.
  • 19 – Orange.
  • 20 to 22 – Flesh tones.
  • 23 to 35 – Purples.

How many DMC colors are there 2021?

DMC. A set of 14 DMC six-strand embroidery floss (8.7 yards each) of DMC Exclusive Colors.

What Colour is DMC 919?

Red Copper

DMC Name Name
919 Red Copper Golden Brown – DK
920 Copper – MED Golden Brown – MED
921 Copper Golden Brown – LT
922 Copper – LT Forest Green – VY DK

What Colour is DMC 648?

Light Beaver Gray
DMC Stranded Cotton Embroidery Floss, Colour 648 Light Beaver Gray.

What Colour is DMC 152?

Medium Light Shell Pink
DMC # 152 Medium Light Shell Pink Floss / Thread.

What is the color of DMC?

DMC: Name: Color: DMC: Name: Color: Ecru: Ecru/off-white : 315: Antique Mauve – MED DK : Blanc: White : 316: Antique Mauve – MED : B5200: Snow White : 317: Pewter Gray : White: White : 318: Steel Gray – LT : 150: Red – BRIGHT : 319: Pistachio Green – VY DK : 151: Pink : 320

Can I download the color chart of my DMC threads?

You can click the color chart for a larger view you can download too! Looking for a way to keep track of your DMC threads? We have you covered, with our DMC thread spreadsheet. Looking for the Anchor thread color chart?

What are the colors of DMC embroidery floss?

DMC Embroidery Floss Article 117 Numerical Listing Color Description Color Description Color Description 01 White Tin 211 Light Lavender 451 Dark Shell Gray 02 Tin 221 Very Dark Shell Pink 452 Medium Shell Gray 03 Medium Tin 223 Light Shell Pink 453 Light Shell Gray 04 Dark Tin 224 Very Light Shell Pink 469 Avocado Green

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