Do deep transmission pans work?

Do deep transmission pans work?

A deep transmission pan allows the transmission to hold an extra 2 to 3 quarts of transmission fluid. Although it might not seem like much at first, 2 to 3 quarts can actually help a lot in the long run and is highly recommended for larger vehicles or towing/hauling.

Can you seal a transmission pan?

You can use a sealer, but don’t go crazy using a can of Permatex! The best sealer I have ever used is made by Fel-Pro, a gasket manufacturer. Failing that, you can smear both sides of the gasket with a thin film of wheel bearing grease. Be sure to use a new gasket, and DO NOT overtighten the pan bolts.

What is a 32RH transmission?

The Chrysler 32RH “Torqueflite” transmission is legendary hydraulic automatic transmission that dates back to the early 1960’s with the A-727, the A-904, the A-999, and then the 32RH, and was built and sold continuously over those decades.

Why is there a magnet in my transmission pan?

When you go to change the transmission fluid and filter, you will find any ferrous metal particles collected right around the magnet on the OTHER SIDE (inside) the pan. These magnets not only protect your transmission, but what they collect around them gives you a real handle on your transmissions internal condition.

How does a transmission pan get damaged?

Off-road driving without sufficient ground clearance often results in damage to the vehicle’s undercarriage, including the transmission pan. Under normal driving conditions, a combination of age, heat, and vibration causes the transmission pan gasket to wear out and leak.

Are aluminum transmission pans worth it?

Yes they are absolutely. I’ve seen the results with my own truck. Back when my 48re was stock just running empty in traffic during summer my temp would hover around 190-205. After I added a cheap b&m pan with 6 more quarts it dropped temps to 145-165 max.

What is the best transmission pan gasket material?

Pan Sealing Surface or Type Pure cork tends to dry out, shrink and become brittle over time. The Cork/Rubber, Cork/Rubber with Rubber Coating, and Neoprene Rubber are the most commonly used gasket types.

How do I know if I have a 32RH transmission?

The Chrysler 30RH/32RH transmission is a 3-speed automatic transmission with a gear type oil pump. The ID numbers are stamped on case’s left side just above the oil pan.

What vehicles have a 32RH transmission?

The Jeep Wrangler, Wagoneer and other models in the Chrysler family have successfully used the 32RH transmissions. The arrival of these used units is expected to create better opportunities for Dodge and Jeep 4×4 vehicle owners to purchase units online.

What does it mean when you have metal shavings in your transmission pan?

If you have noticed a very fine powder deposit of metal clinging to the pan, that’s normal. Metal shavings are a clear sign that the transmission is ready for a full transmission rebuild.

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