Did Valerie Taylor get bit by a shark?

Did Valerie Taylor get bit by a shark?

Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment, the pioneering Australian underwater diver and photographer revealed that she’s been bitten by multiple sharks during the course of her decades-long career, which is chronicled in Sally Aitken’s new documentary, Playing With Sharks, premiering July 23 on Disney+.

How old is Val Taylor?

86 years (November 9, 1935)
Valerie Taylor/Age

What did Valerie Taylor do?

Valerie Taylor is an icon among marine conservationists and underwater filmmakers. She and her husband, Ron, became fascinated with sharks, and pioneered their own underwater camera housings to film them up close — sometimes from cages and sometimes in the open water.

How old is Valerie from Playing With Sharks?

So begins the thrilling trailer for the new National Geographic documentary Playing with Sharks, which highlights the life and career of 85-year-old conservationist and photographer Valerie Taylor.

Does Valerie Taylor have any children?

Valerie didn’t have children and met Hayley when Hayley was about 3 years old. Their bond is based around their shared love for adventure and diving, which Valerie introduced to Hayley early on. And here are some of the portraits of Valerie I captured.

Does Valerie Taylor still dive?

Though she still dives, her arthritis makes being in the colder Australian waters difficult, and she’s eager to return to Fiji, where swimming feels like “taking a bath.” “I can’t jump anymore, not that I particularly want to jump,” she said. “But if I go into the ocean, I can fly.”

How old is Valerie May Taylor?

Is Valerie Taylor still alive today?

That reverence led Dalton to team up with the director Sally Aitken for the National Geographic documentary “Playing With Sharks,” which follows Taylor’s career and is now available on Disney+. Born in Australia and raised mostly in New Zealand, Valerie, now 85, grew up poor.

Is Valerie Taylor a vegan?

I myself have experienced living as a vegetarian, a vegan, a raw foodist and eating a variety of different ways including the Standard American Diet which includes a lot of fast food. I have done several different kinds of cleanses and fasts including a 30 day juice fast.

How did Ron Taylor meet his wife Valerie?

Ron Taylor began diving in 1952 and became interested in spearfishing and underwater photography. He met Valerie while both were members of the St George Spearfishing Club in Sydney. They became champion spearfishers, but switched from killing sharks to filming them after becoming fascinated with marine life.

Who is Valerie Taylor from playing with sharks?

Also, Valerie Taylor is an underwater photographer whose work appeared in National Geographic. Playing With Sharks is part of National Geographic’s Sharkfest slate, which premieres on Disney+ on Friday, July 23.

What happened to the Taylors after Jaws?

After Jaws became Hollywood’s first modern-day blockbuster, the Taylors were flown to America by Universal to provide the public with some much-needed shark education. But the couple quickly discovered that people were more persuaded by Spielberg’s fictional yarn than their own years of experience.

Did you know Jaws was filmed in Australia?

In 1974, Hollywood came calling and the Taylors filmed live shark sequences for Steven Spielberg’s iconic thriller Jaws – a decision that would come back to haunt them. Valerie Taylor and her husband Ron were among the first to film Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Their expertise was used for films such as Jaws, Orca, and The Blue Lagoon.

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