Did The Jam tour the USA?

Did The Jam tour the USA?

1977 / October 8th Began their first US tour, performing in Los Angeles, Boston and New York.

When did The Jam play Bingley Hall Birmingham?

March 20, 1982
The Jam Concert Setlist at Bingley Hall, Birmingham on March 20, 1982 | setlist.fm.

What was the jams last gig?

But did you know that the final ever concert for Paul Weller’s band took place on our shores? To universal surprise, on 30 October 1982 Weller announced his intention to disband The Jam after a short concert tour of the UK had been completed.

When did The Jam play Leeds?

The Jam has 79 concerts

Date Concert Location
Apr 15, 1982 The Jam Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Apr 01, 1982 The Jam / Rudi Leeds, England, United Kingdom
Mar 27, 1982 The Jam / The Alarm Chester, England, United Kingdom
Mar 25, 1982 The Jam / Rudi / Syncopation Manchester

How old was Paul Weller when he left The Jam?

He was 24. In an interview with The Face in the spring of 1982, Weller had given no sign that the group might be nearing its end. “If we split up there are other things I could do, obviously, but it wouldn’t be the same at all,” he said.

When did Bingley Hall Birmingham burn down?

Bingley Hall had been Britain’s first purpose-built exhibition centre in 1850 but it burned down in 1984. In its place in 1991 came the magnificent Symphony Hall and International Convention Centre.

Why did Paul Weller leave the jam?

On October 30 1982, The Jam confirmed that they were going to join that club, to the dread of fans everywhere. That day, following weeks of rumours, Paul Weller announced that after five years of unbroken success, he was splitting up the band to explore new musical possibilities.

Who is in the band from the jam?

Paul WellerGuitar
Bruce FoxtonBass guitarSteve BrookesGuitarRick BucklerDrum Kit
The Jam/Members

In The Jam, Bruce and drummer Rick Buckler were the driving force, power and rhythm section behind singer, guitarist, and songwriter Paul Weller.

When did the jam play at the Rainbow?

The Jam Concert Setlist at Rainbow Theatre, London on December 4, 1979 | setlist.fm.

When did the jam play Edinburgh?

May 7, 1977
The Jam Concert Setlist at Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh on May 7, 1977 | setlist.fm.

What is Rick Buckler doing now?

After being absent from the public eye for over a decade, Rick Buckler is back where he rightfully belongs. Playing the drums with a new band called The Gift. A live outfit that perform hits from Rick’s former band The Jam.

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