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Having a car at your disposal is a necessary condition for a full life. Unfortunately, not every Ukrainian can afford to buy a car at this time, because the economic crisis, into which our country plunged due to the war, is constantly taking all the savings out of the pockets of our citizens.

But to be mobile, to be able to move around Kyiv or Ukraine without being tied to public transport, to enjoy the comfort of a ride in a cozy car cabin is something that everyone deserves. Therefore, if you do not have your own car, or it is impossible to use it temporarily, renting a car is the best way out of the situation.

Rent a car inexpensively and on the most favorable terms ( is a service where you can quickly and simply rent the car you need. The rental application takes no more than 15 minutes, after which the car is delivered to the specified address within an hour.

The Car rent company is located in Kyiv, but you can order a car delivery to any settlement in Ukraine. It is also possible to return the car in any city located on the territory controlled by Ukraine.

Taking into account the crazy prices for taxi services, renting a car in Kyiv is quite a rational decision from a financial point of view. You can rent a car even for 1 day, and there are pleasant discounts for early rent.

The Car-rent fleet includes cars of various classes (both economy and premium) and characteristics.

However, no matter which car the client chooses, he can be sure of its 100% serviceability and cleanliness.

Cars are served with a full tank, so you don’t have to worry about finding a gas station in case of an urgent trip.

In addition, Car Rent provides long-term car rental services for companies, constantly participates in tenders and provides cars for volunteer organizations and foundations on special terms.

When it is advisable to rent a car

Car rental services are used not only by guests of the capital who came to Kyiv on business, as is commonly believed.

  • Residents of the city often want to rent a car inexpensively, in order to move comfortably in it or make business or private trips.
  • Also quite often among the company’s clients are drivers who want to test drive the desired brand of car before buying it.
  • Renting premium-class cars for various photo shoots and video shoots has long been popular.
  • Traditionally, people rent a car when they need to meet relatives, friends, colleagues at the train station or at the airport.
  • Renting a car for transporting luggage during relocation is also a frequent request from the company’s clients.
  • Before the war, the reason for renting was also the desire to travel around Ukraine in order to visit various recognized places.

No matter what the circumstances are that make the driver rent a car, this service will definitely become one of his favorites, because few people can resist the temptation to enjoy a trip in a comfortable car from time to time.

Guarantees and security

Car rent takes full responsibility for the safety of each client, therefore it rents out only those cars whose technical condition does not raise any doubts. In addition, all cars are CASCO insured, and insurance is included in the rental price.

Therefore, all drivers who need to rent a car in Kyiv, or simply want to please themselves with a trip in a car of a specific brand, can apply on the website, and after an hour enjoy driving the chosen car!

News and reviews of new cars in the fleet can be viewed on the company’s Instagram page, which should be subscribed to now, because Car rent constantly offers its customers profitable promotions and super offers that apply to both budget and premium cars!

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