Can you walk after turf toe surgery?

Can you walk after turf toe surgery?

If you have a turf toe that is classified as Grade 3, you may need to be in a walking boot or crutches for as long as three weeks. Physical therapy. You will be advised to start physical therapy soon after the injury to prevent stiffness and strengthen the joint.

How long does it take to recover from mild turf toe?

If you have a grade 2 injury, you may need to be out of play from a few days to a couple of weeks. For a grade 3 injury, you will probably not be able to return to your sport for a couple of months as your injury heals. Full recovery may take up to a year.

How long should I rest turf toe for?

Rest is an important aspect of treatment, and athletic activity can worsen the sprain and its symptoms. Time off from sports activity. Normally, people with grade 2 turf toe need 3 to 14 days of rest. Adjust footwear.

Do you need a walking boot for turf toe?

Grade 2 treatment Grade 2 turf toe may require wearing a special walking boot to help keep the plantar complex together while it heals. The person will usually wear a walking boot for up to a week before using the same treatment options as a grade 1 injury.

How long does turf toe surgery take?

Surgery to remove bone spurs or loose bodies from your big toe usually takes about 1 1/2 hours to perform.

Can turf toe get worse?

Turf toe symptoms from repetitive injuries usually appear gradually and get worse over time. Symptoms of turf toe include: Pain and tenderness: Pain may be constant, or it may only hurt when you press on the area.

Can turf toes be permanent?

Minor turf toe injuries can be treated at home and won’t keep you from physical activities for very long. More serious turf toe may take a month or more to heal, but won’t have any serious long-term damage if you take care of your toe during the healing process.

Is turf toe serious?

While sometimes mild, which injured athletes can play through, turf toe is sometimes a more serious health condition and can be career-ending. The amount of damage to the ligaments, tendons, bones, and surrounding tissues determines the severity of the injury.

How is turf toe diagnosed?

To diagnose turf toe, your doctor will do an exam to find out the extent of the injury. He or she will look for symptoms and test your range of motion. Your injury could be a slight stretching, hyperextension, or tear of the tendon. You may need an x-ray or MRI if your injury looks to be more severe.

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