Can you tell me what material and how the steel drum is made?

Can you tell me what material and how the steel drum is made?

The steel drum is a tuned idiophone traditionally made from an oil drum, but today is made of high-quality steel. To make a steel drum, or a pan, the bottom of an oil drum is first pounded into a bowl, then shaped and tuned with hammers to form distinct resonating surfaces.

What are the 5 types of steel drums?

Description and Function of the Types of Steel drums

  • Low Tenor. The Low Tenor, which has a pitch range from C4 to E6 has notes that are arranged in the same order as the high tenor.
  • The Double Second Pan.
  • The Quadrophonic Pan.
  • The Guitar Pan.

What are the 4 main types of steel drums?

2. Types of steel percussion drums

  • Tenor.
  • Double tenor.
  • Double second.
  • Guitar steel drum.
  • Cello steel drum.
  • Bass.

What are the characteristics of steel drums?

steel drum, tuned gong made from the unstoppered end and part of the wall of a metal shipping drum. The end surface is hammered concave, and several areas are outlined by acoustically important chiseled grooves. It is heated and tempered, and bosses, or domes, are hammered into the outlined areas.

How many notes are on a steel drum?

The size of the instrument varies from one pan to another. It may have almost all of the “skirt” (the cylindrical part of the oil drum) cut off and around 30 soprano-range notes.

What type of instrument is a steel drum?

Steel drums, also known as pans, are the only family of chromatic, acoustic instruments invented in the twentieth century.

What type of instrument are steel drums?

Percussion instrument

Percussion instrument
Other names Steel drum, pan
Classification Percussion
Hornbostel–Sachs classification 111.241.12, 111.241.22 (Gongs with divided surface sounding different pitches, Sets of gongs with divided surface sounding different pitches)
Developed 1880–1937

Who invented steel drums?

People such as Ellie Mannette, Winston “Spree” Simon, and Tony Williams are credited as pioneers of the steel drum, creating the 12 notes of the chromatic scale on a single pan. When Carnival celebrations resumed in Trinidad after World War II, the steel pan became an important part of the street festival.

What music do steel drums use?

Traditionally, calypsos have been the most popular style of music played on the steel pan (steel drum) but the instrument is versatile.

What are the notes on a steel drum?

The notes of a steel drum The highest-pitched category is the soprano or high tenor pan that can hit notes between D4 and F#6. On this pan, notes are arranged in the cycle of fourths, clockwise. The low tenor pan has the same noting configuration, but it has a lower playing range that spans from C4 to E6.

What key are steel drums in?

Steel tongue drum in G Major, the people’s key. The MEINL Sonic Energy Steel Tongue Drum is a rich, full-sounding instrument that can be played either with your hands or the included pair of rubber mallets.

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