Can you still get MSN Messenger?

Can you still get MSN Messenger?

Microsoft’s MSN Messenger, or Windows Live Messenger as it’s now known, will be fully retired on October 31st. The software maker originally announced its plans to shift users over to Skype last year, but Microsoft kept the service running in China.

How do I use Windows Live Messenger?

In the Search screen, click the Apps category, and then click the Windows Live Messenger icon. Sign into the Windows Live Messenger service. NOTES: If you have an active Windows Live Messenger account, sign in using the appropriate Windows Live ID and Password, and then click the Sign In button.

Can you log back into MSN Messenger?

The steps to retrieve the old chat logs work only on the old computer where you used the MSN Messenger. If you no longer use your old computer or if that computer was reformatted, then you may not be able to access the old chat logs.

How old is MSN Messenger?

Originally known as MSN Messenger, it was launched in 1999 but was switched off for most users in 2013, after Microsoft bought rival Skype. Users in China continued to use the old service but will now be transferred to Skype by 31 October. Windows Live still had as many as 330 million users as recently as 2009.

What did MSN stand for?

(1) (MicroSoft Network) A general-purpose Web portal from Microsoft that includes news, sports and entertainment as well as the Bing search engine ( (2) Short for MSN Messenger, the instant messaging service from MSN. MSN Messenger became Windows Messenger in Windows XP and then Windows Live Messenger.

What is Windows Live Messenger and do I need it?

It’s a chat program. If you don’t intend to exchange instant messages/chat/video chat with other people using the same (free) service then you don’t need it.

When did MSN Messenger stop?

October 31, 2014
In 2013, the product was discontinued, and Microsoft began cutting service to existing clients. It remained active in China for another 18 months, and ceased operations there on October 31, 2014.

What is MSN?

MSN means Master of Science in Nursing. This type of degree allows Registered Nurses (RNs) or BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) graduates to advance their careers. An MSN degree is also necessary if you want to apply for doctorate studies in Nursing.

Is MSN and msnbc the same?

MSN had an exclusive partnership with for news content from 1996 until 2012, when Microsoft sold its remaining stake in to NBCUniversal and the website was renamed Since then, MSN has launched ‘MSN News’, an in-house news operation.

What replaced MSN Messenger?

Msn Messenger was not able to survive so many changes and lost users quickly, until Microsoft decided to replace it with Skype, announcing its final closure on October 31, 2014 (it’s time for Msn Messenger fans to cry).

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