Can you listen to movie soundtracks on Spotify?

Can you listen to movie soundtracks on Spotify?

If you have Spotify, you have access to huge amounts of music from movie soundtracks and scores. And many users have taken the time to compile that music into playlists, including me (although I haven’t really had the time to devote to it much).

What songs did they use in Project X?

“Project X” Soundtrack Tracklisting

  • Trouble On My Mind – Pusha T.
  • Bitch Betta Have My Money – AMG.
  • Tipsy (Club Mix) – J-Kwon.
  • Candy (feat. Pitbull) – Far East Movement & Pitbull.
  • Ray Ban Vision – A-Trak.
  • Le Disko (Boys Noize Fire Mix) – Shiny Toy Guns.
  • Nasty – Nas.
  • Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Dance Remix) – Kid Cudi.

What kind of music is Project X?

house music

Project X (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Soundtrack album by Various Artists
Genre hip hop, house music
Length 53:55
Label WaterTower Music

How can I find a movie soundtrack?

10 Websites for TV Show & Movie Soundtracks

  1. Tunefind. Tunefind is mostly a listing of movie soundtracks from TV shows.
  2. From a light resource, we move to a comprehensive one in with almost 30,000+ titles.
  3. Soundtrack Info Project.
  4. Heard On TV.
  5. AdTunes.
  6. Streaming Soundtracks.

Is the song a movie soundtrack?

Original music from the feature film, THE SONG, will release on September 30th! You’ll also hear a new version of the classic “Turn! Turn! Turn!” originally recorded by The Byrds and recut exclusively for THE SONG by Roger McGuinn (lead singer of The Byrds), Emmylou Harris and Ricky Skaggs.

What movie was the song pursuit of happiness in?

Project X
Project X/Soundtracks

How can I download movie soundtracks for free?

9 Websites to Download Free Movie Soundtracks Legally

  1. HookSounds. HookSounds’s home to a huge collection of royalty free music.
  2. Bensound. Bensound is one of the best websites to download free audio files for your movie projects.
  3. Incompetech.
  5. Digccmixter.
  7. Audionautix.
  8. Cctrax.

How do I find the soundtrack of a song?

Shazam. Shazam has been a must-have app for music lovers for a number of years. The app allows users to discover new music literally wherever they go. Whenever you hear a song you like – whether it’s on the radio, playing in a bar, or featured on a TV show or movie – Shazam can quickly and easily identify unknown songs …

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