Can you join all factions in Oblivion?

Can you join all factions in Oblivion?

A player can even be in every faction at the same time, without penalty (this is in contrast to Morrowind, which involved both prohibition and disposition penalties for faction membership; part of 100% Completion in Oblivion is achieving the highest rank in every faction).

How many factions are there in Oblivion?

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion shares the same three core factions as the previous The Elder Scrolls games: the Thieves Guild, the Fighters Guild, and the Mages Guild.

What are factions in Skyrim?

Guilds and Other Factions

  • College of Winterhold – an association of mages.
  • The Companions – an association of fighters.
  • Dark Brotherhood – an association of assassins.
  • Imperial Army – the military of the Empire of Tamriel.
  • Stormcloaks – rebels who seek to secede from the Empire of Tamriel.

What is the Oblivion realm?

Oblivion (also called the Void of Oblivion, the Planes of Oblivion, the Waters of Oblivion, or the Outer Realms), is a collective term used to describe one subset of the planes of existence, inhabited by the Daedra.

What guild should I join in Oblivion?


  • The Arena.
  • The Dark Brotherhood.
  • The Mages Guild.
  • The Fighters Guild.
  • The Thieves Guild.

Can I join all factions in Skyrim?

Also note that you can be a member of all factions simultaneously without any conflict, with the exception being the Imperials and Stormcloaks where you will have to pick a side.

Should I become a vampire in Skyrim?

There are many benefits to becoming a vampire in Skyrim. Players gain the Vampiric Strength, Champion of the Night and Nightstalker’s Footsteps abilities, an increased resistance to frost, and the additional spells Vampiric Drain, Vampire’s Servant, and Vampire’s Sight.

Who is the ruler of Oblivion?

Oblivion takes place six years after the events of Morrowind, in the province of Cyrodiil – the heart of the empire. The current Emperor is Uriel Septim VII of the Septim Dynasty, which has ruled the empire for over 400 years.

Is Oblivion a place?

Oblivion is devoid of anything. A more appropriate “place” word would be “the hereafter” or “a better place.” Or get rid of the resting blissfully part.

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