Can you buy Transmog sets?

Can you buy Transmog sets?

WoW Transmog sets are available at

What are Transmog sets?

A transmogrification set or transmog set, more broadly categorized as a vanity set, is a group of items of the same armor type designed with the same visual style and spanning at least two armor slots.

Can you save Transmog sets?

Save New lets you save your current transmog as an outfit with a new name. Select Outfit lets you select one of your outfits. Save Current lets you save changes you’ve made to the selected outfit.

Where can I buy Transmog?

Where to Transmog? Head to the nearest Ethereal Transmogrifier. They will be located in one of the main cities. For Alliance they are located in Stormwind (Warpweaver Hashom), Shrine of the Seven Stars (Warpweaver Ramahesh), or Stormshield (Warpweaver Shal).

Can you buy old PvP gear for Transmog?

You must have earned one of the following titles to use the original level 60 PvP gear appearances for transmogrification. Non-Replica level 60 PvP gear available in faction capitals cannot be used for transmogrification.

When did they add Transmog?

patch 4.3
When transmog was introduced to World of Warcraft back in Cataclysm’s patch 4.3, we were told that they were going to take it slow and cautiously and keep things restricted to start with. I think most players understood that idea — after all, it was a brand new feature being introduced to a long running game.

How do I find Transmog items?

On each transmog set page, if you click on the blue “Show Sources” button next to Quick Facts, you can see a filtered list of all the items in the set and where they are from. If you click on the “Related” tab at the bottom of a transmog set page, you can see what other sets have that same appearance.

Why can’t I Transmog my gear?

Verify your character is eligible to apply the appearance you selected. Some appearances have some requirements before you can use them. Check your character for buffs which apply a costume and remove the costume. Make sure the item you are wearing is the right armor class for your class.

Why are some items not Transmog?

The very first thing that players need to know about Transmog is that it can actually only be done with items and gear of a certain quality. If the item in question is too low quality, it cannot go through the process which means that players won’t be able to use the Transmog feature on it.

Does Destiny 2 have Transmog?

What is transmog in Destiny 2? Armor Synthesis, which is the official name of Destiny 2’s transmog system, allows players to change the appearance of their equipped armour to another, without sacrificing stats, perks and other unique traits.

Where can I buy Gladiator Transmog?

In Shadowlands, you can purchase BFA Aspirant and Gladiator Ensembles with Marks of Honor. However, this option is available at expansion launch, not in the pre-patch. We previously covered these transmog sets sold by Marshal Gabriel and Xander Silberman in Boralus and Mugambala respectively on the Shadowlands beta.

What are the best Transmog drops in Firelands?

Quite a bit of great transmog drop in Firelands, like the Molten Giant Battleplate. It pairs well with fiery weapons of all types and look great on warrior dwarves and dark iron dwarves. The clear winner if you are a warrior that wants to show your dedication to the alliance or the horde. Plenty of great weapon options for this set as well.

Is the blue glow Transmog any good?

It looks damned good though (well only the mythic version) and the pieces are good for combining into your own more creative transmogs. Can of course be used with The Black Hand as shown below. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but overall it looks great. The blue glow really stands out and pairs well with a lot of blue glowy weapons.

How much does it cost to use transmogrification?

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