Can I use NHS logo?

Can I use NHS logo?

The letters ‘NHS’ and the NHS logo are protected by law. They are UK trade marks owned by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and may not be produced without permission. In addition, the Secretary of State owns the copyright in the NHS logo and reproduction without permission is similarly prohibited.

What does the NHS symbol mean?

The NHS logo, also known as the lozenge, is central to the NHS Identity. It is the visual representation of the values and purpose of the NHS and is the mark of quality that patients and the public look for when accessing healthcare. It is the only logo that the NHS in England should use to represent itself.

Why is the NHS logo blue and white?

Colour is a key element of any organisation’s identity. Therefore, NHS Blue and white are the dominant colours in the NHS colour palette. They help signpost people to NHS organisations and services, by ensuring that materials are instantly recognisable as originating from the NHS.

What is the NHS tagline?

The story behind ‘Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives’ – the slogan that was ‘too successful’ The Government’s messaging during the coronavirus crisis must rank as one of the most successful communications in modern political history.

What colour is NHS blue?

NHS Bright Blue
NHS Bright Blue (Pantone 285)

Why is the NHS logo a rainbow?

NHS rainbow badges are a national initiative which originated in Evelina London Children’s Hospital to make a positive difference. LGBT+ represents lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender with the + representing inclusivity of all identities regardless of how a person defines themselves.

What does the rainbow mean for NHS?

“The NHS Rainbow Badge is a simple visible symbol to let people know that you can talk to us about who you are, your identity and how you are feeling – without being judged.” Trust staff can make their pledge at

What do green scrubs mean NHS?

Nurses working in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), High Dependency Units (HDU), Operating Theatres, and Catheter Labs wear blue or green scrubs. VOLUNTEER. Volunteers in the Trust enhance the service to patients and their relatives. They wear either a yellow tabard or blue shirt.

What do burgundy scrubs mean UK?

In order to support clinical leadership at ward level, there is now a new burgundy NHS Scotland uniform for Clinical Nurse Managers. Clinical Nurse Managers wear a shade of burgundy.

What font is the NHS logo?

Frutiger has been the NHS font since 1999, and has become recognised as the clean, simple, typeface which people associate with the NHS. The secondary font, Arial, should be used when Frutiger is not available.

What font does NHS use?

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