Can I overclock a GTX 660?

Can I overclock a GTX 660?

In its rawest form, GTX 660 will have two things going against it for overclocking. Memory overclocking is as volatile as ever, with a 400MHz spread between our best and worst cards. Again with the use of the reference PCB (and the same Samsung RAM), memory overclocking is entirely the luck of the draw.

Can you overclock an OC graphics card?

You can, manufacturer overclocks are always more conservative than the theoretical maximum. But, with OCed version your chances are a little bit higher to reach same target clock since those usually are already cherry picked chips.

Is OC Edition already overclocked?

The OC edition comes with a factory overclock, so even without overclocking software it runs faster. Typically, they also use “binned” chips which either the chip or board maker rate higher for clock and reliability. OC GPUs often have better cooling and higher power capacity.

Can OC damage GPU?

If you use an Overclocked GPU for long time, the lifespan of your GPU will decrease, and your GPU will ultimately be damaged. Also, overclocking will not give you +20 or +30 FPS boost, it will give you only +1 or +2 FPS boosts and lags and stutters will be fixed to some extent.

Is the gtx 660 still good in 2021?

the 660 is still a decent gpu. however it really is something that is on its last legs in terms of how long its going to be a viable option for budget gamer’s. really however a 1050ti should be the min budget gtx gpu for budget gamers.

Can I overclock MSI laptop?

The most easy, quick and safe way of overclocking MSI GAMING graphics cards is by simply downloading the MSI GAMING App, which features a predefined OC Mode that will give your card a boost. By using this method, you will gain performance in a single click without the risk of damaging your hardware.

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