Can I make a cake with all-purpose flour?

Can I make a cake with all-purpose flour?

All-purpose flour is, well, an all-around good flour to use for baking breads, cakes, muffins, and for mixing up a batch of pancake batter. All-purpose has protein content of 10-13% and it will perform very well, time after time. But if you want to make really soft cake layers, reach for cake flour.

What makes a cake moist?

Sugar is hygroscopic, which means that it both attracts water and holds onto it, leading to a moist cake. If you reduce the necessary amount of sugar in a recipe, you’re also decreasing the cake’s ability to retain moisture.

How do you make cake flour from all-purpose flour without cornstarch?

Whisk or sift the flour and cornstarch together before using. If you don’t have any cornstarch available then just substitute 1 cup less 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour for the 1 cup of cake flour.

Is all-purpose flour the same as plain flour?

The Plain flour refers to whether there is anything added into the flour. The ‘all purpose’ flour refers to the composition of the flour itself, about the flour’s protein content, milling process, and generally what sort of recipes the flour is suited for.

Is all-purpose flour the same as self-rising?

Self-rising flour and all-purpose flour have similar properties with two key differences: ingredients and uses. Ingredient-wise, self-rising flour contains all-purpose flour, salt, and baking powder, while all-purpose flour only contains ground endosperm.

Which type of flour is best for cakes?

Cake flour
Cake flour is the best choice when you’re making a cake with a fine, tender crumb, such as pound cake, devil’s food cake or sponge cake. Cake flour is milled from soft wheat, and contains between 5 and 8 percent protein, according to Fine Cooking.

How do you turn self rising flour into cake flour?

Whisk or sift the flour and baking powder together before using. If using all-purpose flour in recipes then convert to a UK version of self-rising by adding 2 teaspoons baking powder per cup of flour.

How do I substitute all-purpose flour for cake flour?


  1. Start with 1 cup all-purpose flour. Remove 2 Tablespoons (16g) so you have 14 Tablespoons total.
  2. Add cornstarch to the 14 Tablespoons of flour.
  3. Sift together TWICE.
  4. Measure (spoon & level) 1 cup from this mixture.
  5. Now you have 1 cup of cake flour that you can use in any recipes requiring cake flour.

What happens if you substitute all-purpose flour for cake flour?

You can make a cake flour substitute with a mix of all-purpose flour and cornstarch because the cornstarch helps inhibit the formation of some of the gluten in the all-purpose flour. The result? A cake that’s just as tender as it would be if you used store-bought cake flour.

How do you make homemade cake flour?

Instructions Measure out 1 cup of all purpose flour. Remove 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour from your cup and dump it back into your flour bag. Now, add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch into your cup of all purpose flour. Sift once. Sift twice. Sift thrice. Sift again. And sift one last time!

What is a substitute for cake flour?

The best substitute for 1 cup cake flour is to use 7/8 cup all-purpose flour + 2 tablespoons cornstarch.

How to make cake flour?

Measure flour by scooping it into a measuring cup and scraping the top off with the back of a knife to level it.

  • Add 2 Tbsp corn starch to your flour
  • Sift the two together about 4-5 times to make sure they are really well combined. I used the OXO sifter (actually I use it for everything!)
  • How many cups of cake flour are in one pound?

    The answer is: The change of 1 lb ( pound ) unit in a cake flour measure equals = into 4.54 us cup ( US cup ) as per the equivalent measure and for the same cake flour type.

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