Can I get a gun chromed?

Can I get a gun chromed?

Yes, but it’s definitely a job to leave to the professionals. Chrome plating a firearm involves bathing the gun in an electrochemical bath, then coating the surface with chromium. Before the plating process begins, the gun needs to be cleaned.

What is hard chrome gun plating?

Hard Chrome is one of the most durable and corrosion resistant finishes available for firearms. It is easy to care for and enhances the firearm’s function. We offer Chrome in Matte (bead blast finish), Brushed (400 grit polish) and Bright (mirror) finish.

What is black gun plating?

What is Black Ruthenium plating? Ruthenium plating gives jewelry a “high-tech” jet-black or gun-metal grey look and can be plated onto a wide variety of metals. It is very hard and highly resistant to scratches. Black ruthenium plated jewelry gives a much darker black aspect than rhodium plated jewelry.

How much does it cost to nickel plate a gun?

Electroless Nickel

Handgun Slides $149
Steel frames $179
AR15 bolt and carrier $98
AR10 bolt and carrier $109
Small parts minimum plating charge (Per Part) $15

Can you nickel plate a blued gun?

Nickel plating can only be done on clean, raw, active metal; you can’t do it on top of bluing.

How is nickel plating done?

To clean and protect the part during the plating process, a combination of heat treating, cleaning, masking, pickling, and etching may be used. Once the piece has been prepared it is immersed into an electrolyte solution and is used as the cathode. The nickel anode is dissolved into the electrolyte to form nickel ions.

Is Hard chrome durable?

Even in high mechanical contact stress, hard chrome plating holds up against wear and abrasion for long-term durability. Corrosion resistance: Hard chrome plating has extreme oxidization resistance, making it invaluable in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.

Is parkerizing better than bluing?

A quick Google search seems to confirm parkerizing is a superior protectant vs bluing. Like others have suggested though, I wouldn’t go with either if I had the option. There are much better, more durable, and not very expensive modern finishes that both offers much better corrosion AND wear protection.

Can you gold plate steel?

See it here. Gold plating can be done on most metals, such as nickel, brass, stainless steel, silver and copper. Modern industrial metals such as tungsten and titanium are also frequently gold plated. Of these, silver and copper are the most commonly used.

Can I gold plate a gun?

Gold plating on guns allows you to add a beautiful look of gold to a firearm. The entire gun can be plated or it can be plated in very specific areas using “Pen Plating”. This idea has been around for quite some time, however as of recent it has become a trend that is exploding with popularity.

What is black nickel?

Black Nickel is electrolytic nickel plating with a secondary treatment to turn the surface black. This plating will provide corrosion resistance and maintain electrical conductivity while reducing reflectivity on the surface. Standard Specifications.

What is chromium plating on a gun?

Chrome plating a firearm involves bathing the gun in an electrochemical bath, then coating the surface with chromium. Before the plating process begins, the gun needs to be cleaned. Cleaning usually involves applying a solvent to the firearm’s surface to dissolve away grease, dirt and other debris.

What are the pros and cons of chrome plating a gun?

The chrome plating’s final result depends on the level of hardness you want and the type of finish you’re after. The most significant benefit of hard chrome plating a gun is that doing so dramatically improves the firearm’s corrosion resistance. Guns are sensitive and can rust quickly in the right conditions.

What is the hardness of Metalife hard chrome plating?

On the Rockwell “C” scale, Metalife has a 71 hardness rating, and when applied to metal, it shows an increase of 10-15 points on the Rockwell “C” scale. Metalife hard chrome firearm plating can be applied to various metals including aluminum.

Is nickel plating a firearm a good idea?

As with chrome plating, a potential drawback of nickel plating a firearm is its cost. Nickel plating can be a good option if your gun sees a lot of use but might not be the right choice if you hardly use it. Another drawback of nickel plating is that the finished surface won’t be as hard as hard chrome.

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