Can I flatten watercolor painting?

Can I flatten watercolor painting?

Before I frame my watercolor paintings, I need to flatten them. I place my first painting face down on the board, lightly spritz the back with water, and carefully iron it. If some wrinkles persist, I may use a burst of steam to work it flat.

How do you fix wrinkled watercolor paper?


  1. Mist the back of the paper with water using a fine mist.
  2. Place the painting image-side down on the sketch paper.
  3. Cover with another sheet of sketch paper or a towel.
  4. Put weights on top (you can use books if you don’t have weights).
  5. Place the painting image-side down on the sketch paper.

How do you keep a paper from warping when painting?

6 Art Journal Tips: How to Keep Your Pages Flat

  1. Use less water. The wetter the page, the more likely it will curl.
  2. Use heavier paper.
  3. Paint the other side.
  4. Reach for the gesso.
  5. Tape before painting.
  6. Use gravity.

How do you get ripples out of watercolor paper?

Place the painting image-side down on the sketch paper. Cover paper with a sheet of sketch paper or a towel. Using an iron set on medium low, gently rub over the entire surface. Adjust heat up as needed to allow the dampness on the back of the paper to relax the paper fibers.

How do you flatten warped paper?

  1. Place the paper on a flat and steady surface.
  2. Make sure that the paper is completely flat.
  3. Place the towel or cloth on top of the paper.
  4. Adjust the heat of the iron to the lowest setting.
  5. Gently iron the towel and glide it across the surface to cover all the areas.

Does watercolor paint warp paper?

Watercolor paintings can be beautiful works of art or a simple fun art project. But, as you apply the watercolor paint, it can cause your paper to buckle and warp. Fortunately, you can easily prevent the watercolor paper from warping.

How do you fix watercolor paper that is curling up?

You can soak it, stretch it, staple it, tape it or clamp it. You may even use watercolor paper blocks or heavyweight watercolor paper. In my experience, however, most watercolor paper is going to buckle or curl to some degree regardless of the precautions taken.

How do I flatten my watercolors?

Instead, I’ve created a simple “flattening station” in my basement which makes flattening my watercolors convenient, fast and easy. (If you are bothered by warping or buckling mid-painting, you can also use this technique to flatten a half-finished painting before continuing. Just be sure your painting is perfectly dry before proceeding.)

How do you make watercolor paper stick to water?

Dip a single sheet of watercolor paper into the water. Remove a single sheet of paper from the ream and hold it over the bucket of water with both hands to keep it straight. Carefully dip the paper into the water so it’s fully submerged.

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