Can I do a PGCE distance learning?

Can I do a PGCE distance learning?

Online PGCEs can be studied at most or the majority of universities and can be taken either as a full time option or, in a smaller number of cases, as a flexible part time course. You can take a variety of different PGCE courses through Distance Learning on a flexible basis.

Do schools pay for PGCE?

While the majority of School Direct training programmes include a PGCE qualification, not all do. You will receive an unqualified teacher’s salary from your school, and the cost of your training will be covered, but you may be charged for your PGCE fees if awarded.

Where can I study PGCE online?

University of the Western Cape (UWC) Rhodes University. University of the Free State (UFS) Nelson Mandela University (NMU)

Can I do PGCE without QTS?

Our PGCE without QTS course is ideal for teachers who are studying for, or already have qualified teacher status (QTS) but not a PGCE. If you already have QTS this course offers you a chance to gain a university postgraduate certificate (PGCE) which includes master’s level credits.

Is a PGCEi a Masters?

The PGCEi is a 60 credit M-level professional development programme for those working in educational settings keen to develop their practice. On the PGCEi you will be able to develop specialised areas of expertise based on your own educational context.

Can I teach with a PGCEi?

If you have a PGCEi, you are not automatically qualified to work as a teacher in the UK. In order to be a fully-qualified teacher in the UK you will need to complete a route to Qualified Teacher Status, or QTS.

Is a PGCE better than school direct?

Unlike a PGCE course, where you often start with lectures before going out on shorter placements, School Direct allows trainees to participate as active members of the community from the off . PGCE courses tend to offer two placements lasting up to two thirds of the course between them.

Can I get a PGCE without a degree?

The structure of the PGCE It’s not designed to teach you subject knowledge – you have to have an undergraduate degree that’s relevant to the subject you want to teach. If you don’t, you can do a conversion course.

How hard is the PGCE year?

The PGCE is not an easy year. This is not so hard for mature students who have worked in industry or elsewhere, but it’s not so easy for recently qualified graduates coming straight from university to the PGCE. If you’re unsure, talk to your older peers and tutors, and your mentor, and get them to guide you.

Can I be a teacher without a PGCE?

Do I need a PGCE to teach? No. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a PGCE to teach. All you need is QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) or the equivalent, QTLS (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills).

Is the PGCE offered through distance learning?

The PGCE is an in-attendance qualification, it is not offered through distance learning. Admission to the PGCE programme is based on what subjects have been studied in the undergraduate degree according to guidelines issued by the Department of Higher Education and Training. The admission requirements of the PGCE (Senior Phase & FET Teaching) are:

How much does the PGCE cost in South Africa?

At the Cornerstone Institute in South Africa, the online PGCE costs R375.00 per module credit for all students, international students may have to pay an addition student fee depending on which country they are from.

What funding is available for PGCE students?

So, just what PGCE funding is out there? For a start, PGCE students are eligible for student loans and maintenance grants, just like undergraduate students are. As with undergraduates, these are split into a few sections.

What is IDL PGCE education?

Overview PGCE Education Independent Distance Learning (IDL) at the University of Sunderland is an internationally recognised teaching qualification. The course blends applied teaching theory and practice in three taught modules and one extended teaching practice module.

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