Can I change HDB windows?

Can I change HDB windows?

A renovation permit from HDB is required for all windows replacement work. A BCA Approved Window Contractor (AWC) who is listed in HDB’s Directory of Renovation Contractors needs to apply a renovation permit from HDB before carrying out the window replacement works.

Can you remove HDB window?

According to HDB renovation regulations, people do not have the right to remove window grilles. This spoils the building’s exterior appeal and reduces the common safety of HDB residents. You have to receive a permit from the HDB authority and cooperate with them on the new window grill installation.

What is HDB casement window?

Casement window: A window, or part of a window, that opens on hinges, pivots, or friction stays.

What is the height of HDB window?

There are three standard heights for BTO windows: full, ¾, and half. (I will write ½ as “half” so it is easier to distinguish from ¾.) They are determined by how high they are above the ground: 30cm or less (full), 55cm (¾) and 90cm (half).

How much does it cost to replace old windows?

The average price of replacing a mid-range double-hung window is about $600, but that number can range from $200 to as high as $1,200….Window Replacement Cost.

Window Cost Estimator*
Average Cost $600
Lowest Cost $200
Highest Cost $1,200

Can you enlarge HDB windows?

While you can install or change your internal windows (except for full length windows), you would need to follow these strict guidelines after successfully applying for your permit. For instance, window colour, size and type (sliding or casement) have to be similar to the original HDB windows.

Who is responsible for maintaining windows in HDB dwellings?

18. How do I check whether my windows are safe? Can HDB help homeowners to check whether their windows are safe? Under the Lease, it is the flat owners responsibility to maintain their windows in good working condition.

Does BTO come with windows?

BTO flats that are built using the Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC). BTO flats built using PPVC come with floor and wall finishes, internal doors, window frames and sanitary fittings already installed, negating the need for OCS.

Can you paint HDB windows?

However, certain minor mortification works are allowed and these include painting the inner parts of the window grilles to a different colour or changing the windows to another HDB approved window type (sliding or casement) within the same size restrictions.

How thick is HDB window?

500 and 700mm
How Thick is an HDB Window? Casement windows to be within 500 and 700mm; sliding windows have to be within 500 and 1200mm.

What is the cheapest way to replace windows?

Vinyl windows are the most affordable choice, or you can get real wood windows covered by an aluminum skin (“cladding”) on the exterior.

Why choose HDB corridor window privacy window design?

This HDB Corridor Window Privacy window design is very effective as it allows both ventilation and privacy to the homeowner.

Do all HDB units have corridor units?

Despite its unfavorable design, many residents still stay in corridor units as they are the most attractive of all HDB units in terms of price. All BTO s do not have corridor units,due to popular demand from younger buyers.However,rental blocks still feature them.

What are the regulations for HDB flat windows?

To ensure that HDB flat windows are secure and maintained in good working condition at all times, all window checks, repairs, retrofittings, installations, and replacements must be conducted according to the Building Control Regulations.

How to replace aluminium windows in HDB flats?

To carry out installation/ replacement of new aluminium windows, you must engage only BCA-approved window contractor listed with HDB. Please engage a BCA-approved window contractor listed with HDB to carry out installation/ replacement of new aluminium windows or repair of existing aluminium windows in HDB flats.

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