Can I buy Verizon phone without plan?

Can I buy Verizon phone without plan?

That’s right, you can buy devices from Verizon without ever signing up for one of their plans. Back in the day, Verizon used to run pre-orders and some full retail device sales through something they called the Iconic Portal.

Is it cheaper to buy Verizon phones online?

From tomorrow, in-store and phone order activation fees increase to $40, while online order fees are being reduced to $20. Verizon is making it both cheaper and more expensive to buy a new phone with the carrier. It all depends on how you choose to purchase.

Can you buy a new phone without a contract?

A no-contract phone is one that doesn’t require you to sign a carrier agreement in order to buy and use it, so when the phone’s paid off, it’s yours. Most carriers now sell a no-contract option, either with our without a payment plan.

Can I get Verizon with an unlocked phone?

What does bring your own device (BYOD) mean? You bring the phone, Verizon supplies the plan. Through the BYOD program, you can activate a Verizon Wireless 4G LTE or compatible unlocked phone on a monthly plan. Be sure your device is unlocked if you are transferring from another carrier.

What’s the difference between an unlocked phone and a carrier phone?

In general, a carrier phone — also known as a locked phone — is sold through a wireless carrier or a third-party partner (such as Best Buy, for example). On the other hand, unlocked phones are devices you buy without a carrier involved in any way.

Can I buy a phone from Best Buy and activate it at Verizon?

Yes, you can. I bought the phone from BB and they activated it to my Verizon acct. Verizon will charge you the $30 upgrade fee if you are upgrading, but they charge that even if you buy the phone from them.

How much does Verizon charge to activate an unlocked phone?

We charge a one-time $35 fee per device activated or upgraded on the Verizon network. This fee applies regardless of the device type, since each device is set up individually: The activation fee is a one-time charge for activating a new line of service on the Verizon network.

What is the code to unlock a Verizon phone?

If you have a locked 3G World Device phone with Verizon, you can use unlock code 000000 or 123456 or call 800-922-0204 for help. Verizon’s 3G Prepaid Phone-in-the-Box phones can be unlocked after 12 months of service.

Can you buy an iPhone without a contract?

Buy your phone from the Apple store. Purchasing an iPhone from a carrier store means you’ll most likely end up with a carrier-locked phone and a contract. The Apple store allows you to purchase a no-contract (or completely unlocked) phone.

Does My Verizon phone have a warranty?

Phone Number of Verizon Warranty is (866) 406-5154 (TF), 800-922-0204, . Verizon Wireless Services, LLC introduces Verizon Warranty for the eligible customers. Verizon warranty is called extended Limited warranty and is also known as service contract.

Can I use a Verizon contract phone for prepaid?

Verizon does require the prepaid phone to have been in use for at least six months before the transfer. If you would prefer to use your prepaid phone under your contract, and you have had it for at least six months, call Verizon’s customer service and they will activate the phone under your contract phone number.

Does Verizon have prepaid service?

Verizon offers many phone options with its prepaid service, including smartphones. Before you can apply for a prepaid service, you must purchase one of these prepaid phones. Different service plans are available on different phones, so you must decide what kind of plan you need before making your purchase.

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