Can Girl Scout cookies be shipped?

Can Girl Scout cookies be shipped?

Find out how to buy Girl Scout Cookies, explore Girl Scout Cookie flavors, try delicious recipes, see how girls learn essential life skills, and more….Digital Cookie® Purchase Terms and Conditions.

Quantity of Boxes per Order 4 box minimum purchase Flat-Rate Shipping and Handling Fee for Shipped Cookies
4-8 boxes $12.99
9-12 boxes $14.99

What is the new Girl Scout Cookie?

The Girl Scouts of America also introduced a new cookie this year, called an Adventureful. It’s described as “an indulgent, brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt,” according to a release from the GSA.

Can Girl Scouts sell cookies online?

Through Digital Cookie, girls can sell online and through mobile devices. Many girls enjoy marketing their online sale by inviting customers, via an email or social media link, to visit their personalized cookie websites. Other girls take in-person orders using a mobile app designed specifically for Girl Scouts.

How much are Girl Scout cookies a box?

Traditional Girl Scout Cookie flavors cost $5/package, and the gluten-free flavor costs $6/package. Want to order Girl Scout Cookies but don’t know a troop? Find Digital Cookie links for local troops on the map below. Follow their troop Digital Cookie link and have Girl Scout Cookies shipped right to your door.

How can I buy Girl Guide cookies online?

Customers can now purchase cookies online through our e-cookies portal and have them delivered right to their door. If you know a girl member or Guider, make sure to ask her for her unit’s unique cookie selling page link so that you can purchase directly through her unit.

How long does it take to get Girl Scout cookies after ordering?

Cookies ordered online should arrive 2-7 business days after the order has been placed.

How can I buy girl Guide cookies online?

Can you buy Girl Scout cookies at the grocery store?

Unfortunately, retailers do not sell them, even though you can find them at many grocery stores and other businesses.

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