Can Alko ATC be retrofitted?

Can Alko ATC be retrofitted?

AL-KO ATC Trailer Control can be fitted to all new caravans and retrofitted to most older caravans that have been built on the AL-KO chassis.

How much does Alko ATC weigh?

Technical data

ATC installation in Hobby caravan
ATC installation in AL-KO chassis
Single-axle caravan
Total weight min. – max. kg 750 – 1,000
Unladen weight min. kg 500

How much does it cost to fit ATC to caravan?

The cost to have a caravan fitted ATC can be between $450 and $600. Automatic Trailer Control is the anti-oscillation system for caravans. It effectively controls the caravan’s road behaviour at all times; the moment it detects some type of increasing oscillating movement, it gently breaks the caravan.

What is caravan ATC?

ATC stands for Automatic Trailer Control. It’s an electronic anti-snaking system for touring caravans. The device was developed in Germany by the AL-KO Kober Group, which is best known in the UK caravan industry for making caravan chassis.

How does caravan Stabiliser work?

Blade-type stabilisers This system operates by using a metal leaf spring with a friction caravan’s drawbar (A-frame). As the caravan moves sideways relative to the car, the friction pads in the turntable act to resist this movement.

Do Adria caravans have ATC?

Adria Mobil Adora Isonzo The caravan is built on an Alko chassis with an Alko AKS stabiliser as standard, whilst ATC is an optional extra.

Why is my Alko ATC flashing green?

During the self test, the sound of the push rod moving inside ATC can be heard. When the self test is complete, the LED will turn GREEN or flashing GREEN to signal that ATC is active. If the LED does not change to green, then ATC is not functioning correctly.

What is the maximum weight for a single axle caravan?

The maximum weight for a single axle caravan can be between 1300 kg and 3500 kg, depending on the manufacturer, the wheels and the compliance planted fitted to the van. Our recommendation is to use a twin-axle for a caravan that weighs more than 1300 kg.

How does Alko ATC work?

How does the ATC work? Sensors detect dangerous swinging movements directly on the caravan or trailer axle. The caravan/trailer will immediately, without any action on the part of the driver, brake gently and return to a stable driving condition.

How much does Alko ESC cost?

Q. How much will AL-KO ESC cost? A. The average cost of fitting AL-KO ESC on to a new caravan is approximately $1500 plus GST.

What is the best caravan Stabiliser?

Caravan Stabilisers (Our Recommendations)

  • Maypole Stronghold Stabiliser with Carry Bag. check price on amazon.
  • Towsure Snakemaster Quick-Release Caravan Stabiliser. check price on amazon.
  • Bulldog Caravan Stabiliser 200Q. check price on amazon.

Why would you fit a Stabiliser before towing a caravan?

Explanation: Fitting a stabiliser to your tow bar will help to reduce snaking by the caravan especially where there are crosswinds. However, this does not take away your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle/caravan combination is loaded correctly.

What is ATC Al-Ko Trailer Control?

ATC AL-KO Trailer Control actively counteracts such phenomena! The ATC has now proven itself 125,000 times and is our contribution to increased road safety. Sensors react to small lateral accelerations. The system reacts automatically; the driver barely notices this correction

How long does it take to fit ATC retrofit?

Around two to four hours as retrofit. Does the ATC fit every caravan? The ATC fits all caravans with AL-KO chassis from 1998 (older with adapter) and all Hobby caravans with Knott axle from 1997. Can the ATC also be fitted to other trailers (e.g. sales trailers)?

Can Bailey staff fit Alko ATC?

I am still puzzled! I know that the Alko ATC system is being fitted to a number of new caravans, including Bailey. Presumably Bailey staff have been trained to fit these Myriad staff have, also, presumably been trained by Alko.

Can Alko train and license my service centre staff?

I know that the Alko ATC system is being fitted to a number of new caravans, including Bailey. Presumably Bailey staff have been trained to fit these Myriad staff have, also, presumably been trained by Alko. Surely it would be possible for Alko to train and license a SMALL number of your authorised service centres to cover areas around Britain.

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