Are Widnes Vikings professional?

Are Widnes Vikings professional?

Widnes Vikings are an English professional rugby league club based in Widnes, Cheshire who compete in the Betfred Championship and play their home fixtures at the Halton Stadium.

What rugby team is the Vikings?

Their historic nickname is “The Chemics” after the main industry in Widnes, but now they use their modern nickname, “The Vikings”….Widnes Vikings.

Club information
Full name Widnes Vikings Rugby League Football Club
Nickname(s) The Chemics The Vikings
Short name Widnes Vikings
Colours White and Black

How much is Widnes Vikings worth?

Super League

Club Owner(s) Estimated net worth
Warrington Wolves Simon Moran £54.6m
Widnes Vikings Ben Gardener £75.0M
Wigan Warriors Ian Lenagan £19m

Is Widnes in Cheshire or Merseyside?

Widnes (/ˈwɪdnəs/ WID-nəss) is an industrial town in the Borough of Halton, Cheshire, England, which at the 2011 census had a population of 61,464. Historically in Lancashire, it is on the northern bank of the River Mersey where the estuary narrows to form the Runcorn Gap.

What league are Broncos in?

The London Broncos are the only professional rugby league club in the south of England.

  • The club currently competes in the Championship.
  • The club was originally formed in June 1980 as Fulham Rugby League Club and entered the Second Division for the 1980–81 season.
  • What is Hull City worth?

    EFL Championship

    Club Owner(s) Estimated combined net worth
    Derby County Mel Morris $700M
    Fulham (more information) Shahid Khan $7.9B
    Huddersfield Town Phil Hodgkinson $500M
    Hull City Acun Ilıcalı $100M

    How much is Wigan Warriors worth?

    Is Widnes a Viking town?

    Early history Pex Hill is a disused quarry, located to the north of the town. Roman roads by-passed the area but some Roman coins were found where the Ditton railway station stands today. In the 9th century Vikings had invaded the country and Widnes was at the extreme south of the Danelaw.

    Is Widnes a nice place to live?

    The sense of Community spirit that runs through areas like Halton View , Hough Green , Halebank and West Bank are what makes Widnes a great place to live .”

    Where is London Broncos home ground?

    Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club
    London Broncos/Arenas/Stadiums

    Where are London Broncos based?

    London, United Kingdom
    London Broncos/Locations

    Is Hull rough?

    Income in Hull is not among the very worst in the UK, at £466.30 – of the 10 worst places over all in our study, it has the second highest weekly gross income after South Teesside, which is in the 10th worst position.

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