Are Olympic coins valuable?

Are Olympic coins valuable?

The US Olympic commemorative coins can be quite valuable and their value has risen over recent years. The value of an Olympic coin mainly depends on whether its silver or gold.

How much is a Canadian 1976 Olympic gold coin worth?

$100 Coins and Sets

Description Mintage Price
1976 $100 Montreal Olympic Games BU (14kt) 650,000 500.00
1976 $100 Montreal Olympic Games (22kt) Incl. Above 995.00
1977 $100 Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II (22kt) 180,396 995.00
1978 $100 National Unity (22kt) 200,000 995.00

How much silver is in 1976 Canadian Olympic coins?

About Canadian 1976 Silver Olympic 28 Coin Set 72 troy ounce of silver and 14 $10 Silver coins containing 1.44 troy ounces of silver. This set has a total of 30.24 troy ounces of silver.

Are Canadian Olympic coins worth anything?

The Canadian mint made spiffy large silver coins with Olympic themes between 1973 and 1976. These coins do not circulate, but are made especially for collectors. They contain silver, and that makes them valuable. Their value is equal to the amount of silver they contain multiplied by the current value of silver.

What is the value of 1984 Olympic coin set?

These coins were minted in order to commemorate the XXIII Olympiad which took place in the summer of 1984 in Los Angeles, California….Current Silver Bullion Value: $17.40.

Series Location Distribution
1984 S San Francisco 116,675
1984 S Proof San Francisco 1,801,210

How much is a gold Olympic coin worth?

As of July 29, gold was priced at $1,831 per ounce and silver was priced at $25.78 per ounce, according to Markets Insider and Under that calculation, an Olympic gold medal is approximately worth a whopping $810.

How much is a 1976 Canadian 100 dollar gold coin worth?


Issuer Canada
Year 1976
Value 100 Dollars 100 CAD = USD 78
Currency Canadian dollar (1858-date)
Composition Gold (.5833)

What Canadian coins are worth money?

Top 10 collectible Canadian coins

  • 1906 Small Crown. Experts believe that manufacturers used a single crown die to strike around 100 examples before replacing it with a larger die.
  • 1916 C-Gold Sovereign.
  • 1921 50-Cent.
  • 1921 5-Cent.
  • 1936 “Dot” 10-Cent.
  • 1948 Canada Silver Dollar.
  • 1969 Large Date 10-Cents.
  • 1987 Loon dollar.

Are Canadian Mint coins worth anything?

Due to their high levels of purity, The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the most respected and desirable minters in the world. This means that coins from the RCM hold their value well over time.

What is a 1988 Olympic coin worth?

The 1988 S proof Olympic silver dollar is worth around $22 mint packaging.

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