Are monobloc taps a standard size?

Are monobloc taps a standard size?

Standard taps and spouts generally require a hole of at least 22mm in diameter. Monobloc mixer taps, taking both a hot and cold supply, mostly require a minimum 32mm diameter hole.

What is the difference between a monobloc and mixer tap?

Bathroom basin mixer taps are very similar to a monobloc tap, but have separate controls for the hot and cold water. They come in both modern and classic designs, as well as two-hole and three-hole styles.

What are the best kitchen sink taps?

10 of the Very Best Traditional Kitchen Taps

  • Caple Antique Brushed Nickel Traditional Mono Kitchen Mixer.
  • Perrin & Rowe Phoenician Mono Sink Mixer with Porcelain Lever Handles.
  • Tre Mercati Hale Traditional Mono Sink Mixer, Chrome Plated.
  • Perrin & Rowe Polaris 3-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap.

What does monobloc kitchen tap mean?

Mono basin taps – or monobloc taps – are the most common type of basin tap in modern bathrooms. As the name suggests, they require a single tap hole and have a single spout from where both hot and cold water is dispensed.

How do I know what size taps to buy?

If you have a compact basin, consider a shorter spout – look for one which extends as far as the plug hole but no further. A lower spout will work well in a cloakroom where space is tight or opt for a higher spout if you’d like to be able to wash and shave comfortably.

How does a monobloc tap work?

How do Monoblock Taps Work? The monoblock is a very clever piece of design technology which allows both the hot and cold feed to enter the base, or block of the tap. The 10mm feed pipes screw into the underside of the tap and are then machined out to become 15mm copper tails ready for the connection of 15mm feeds.

What is a plug tap?

A plug tap has a less pronounced taper to the cutting edges. This gives the plug tap a gradual cutting action that is less aggressive than that of the bottoming tap but more aggressive than a taper tap. Typically, the plug tap will have 3 to 5 tapered threads before the full cutting diameter is engaged.

What are the best monobloc kitchen taps?

The best kitchen taps to buy in 2021

  1. Heable Traditional Kitchen Mixer Tap: The best affordable monobloc kitchen tap.
  2. Cooke & Lewis Gordale Bridge Mixer Tap: The best bridge-style kitchen tap.
  3. Wenken Single Handle Solid Brass Monobloc Mixer Kitchen Tap with Pull Out Swivel Spout: The best pull-out spray kitchen tap.

Which taps are best quality?


  • Delta Faucets.
  • Vika Bath Fitting.
  • Jaguar (Artize)
  • Kohler.
  • Alton Bath.
  • Cera.
  • Hindware.
  • What are the best taps to buy?

    Can I replace flexi pipes with chrome tails?

    If the chrome tails are screwed in rather than brazed to the tap then you could unscrew them and replace with flexi pipes again. The flexi pipes have various diameter end fittings and some have the hexagon for spannering them in off set so theres no knocking one against the other in tight corners. Lube any o rings well.

    Will Flexis reduce the size of my valves?

    Thanks in advance. Flexis will make it easier but will restrict the flow. You should be able to get some 15×10mm reducing sets so that the tails can be fitted straight into the old valves, in theory. A picture would help… Thanks, Muggles.

    Do tapered edges on flexi’s damage the rubber?

    The tapered edge ‘can’ damage the rubber washer on the flexi and lead to leaks. Ok, there’s thousands, possibly millions of flexis around the country connected this way and I’m guessing they don’t all leak …… just not good practice

    Can I connect a rigid tap to a 15×10mm reducing set?

    Yeah, as before, you should be able to connect the rigid tails on your new tap directly into the valves using 15×10mm reducing sets Thanks again, Muggles. One further question. The pipes are about 40-50mm apart but the tails are close together.

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