Are Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig still married?

Are Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig still married?

Olin later began working as television director and producer; his producer credits include Alias (2001–2006), Brothers & Sisters (2006–2011), and This Is Us (2016-present). Olin is married to actress Patricia Wettig….

Ken Olin
Years active 1976–present
Spouse(s) Patricia Wettig ​ ( m. 1982)​
Children 2

Who is Ken Olin’s daughter?

Roxy Olin
Ken Olin/Daughters

What age is Patricia Wettig?

70 years (December 4, 1951)
Patricia Wettig/Age

Who plays the shrink on Alias?

Patricia Wettig
Patricia Wettig: Dr. Judy Barnett. Jump to: Photos (12)

Why did Patricia Wettig leave brothers and sisters?

From 2005 to 2007, Wettig appeared in 18 episodes of Fox television drama, Prison Break, playing fictional Vice President Caroline Reynolds. She turned down Fox’s offer of becoming a series regular on Prison Break in order to pursue the ABC comedy-drama series Brothers & Sisters, which debuted in September 2006.

Are Lena and Ken related?

– Is Lena Olin, the actress who plays Sydney’s mother on “Alias,” related to Ken Olin, one of the show’s producers? ABC publicist Jeff Fordis says the Swedish-born actress, who is the daughter of Ingmar Bergman acting colleague Stig Olin, is not related to American actor-producer Ken Olin.

How old is Mel Harris?

65 years (July 12, 1956)
Mel Harris/Age

Who kills Lauren in Alias?

In the season three finale, Sydney loses to Lauren during vicious hand-to-hand combat, but Lauren is shot by Vaughn before she can kill Sydney. Before her death, she reveals to Sydney the location of a safe deposit box containing vital information about Sydney’s family.

Why was Alias Cancelled?

The Emmy winning show got both creator J.J. Abrams and star Jennifer Garner considerable acclaim. So why was ‘Alias’ cancelled? ABC decided to cancel the spy thriller as it was ranking poorly on the rating chart for a considerable time.

What happened to Kitty in Season 5 of brothers and sisters?

Kitty. Kitty begins the season refusing to leave the side of a comatose Robert, convinced he’ll wake up, despite the rest of the family’s doubts. She finally decides to say goodbye after encouragement from Justin. After this, she decides to rent a cottage in Ojai to rediscover herself.

What happens to Holly on brothers and sisters?

Series vet Patricia Wettig made her final appearance as Holly Harper in last night’s episode, although a B&S insider says the door is being left open for her to possibly return. In Sunday’s ep, Holly left town to join daughter Rebecca in New York.

Is Lena Olin married?

Lasse Hallströmm. 1994
Lena Olin/Spouse

Personal life. Olin has a son, August, from a relationship with actor Örjan Ramberg. Since 1992, she has been married to filmmaker Lasse Hallström, with whom she has a daughter, Tora. They reside in Bedford, New York.

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