Are hilleberg tents good?

Are hilleberg tents good?

The Hilleberg Tarra is one of the most durable two-person tents we have ever tested. It’s quick and easy to pitch and stay in place once it is set up. We’ve camped in 60+ mph winds that collapsed, ripped, or destroyed other 4 season models while the Tarra held strong.

What is the lightest hilleberg tent?


  • Our lightest, three season solo tent.
  • Single pole design keeps the weight low, yet provides full sitting height at the tent’s apex.

How much does a hilleberg AKTO weight?


Price MSRP: $585.00 Current Retail: $595.00 Historic Range: $300.00-$595.00 Reviewers Paid: $200.00-$600.00
Minimum Weight 1.3 kg/2 lbs 14 oz
Packed Weight 1.7 kg/3 lbs 12 oz
Outer tent fabric Kerlon 1200
Poles (9 mm) 1 x 293 cm / 1 x 115.4 in

How do you store hilleberg tents?

Dry Your Tent When you return from a trip, if possible, hang your tent with the poles still in. Failing that, hang it without the poles, but try to keep the tent walls from touching each other. This keeps mildew away, and increases the tent’s life. Make sure it is completely dry before packing it away!

What is the strongest Hilleberg tent?

Black label tents
All Hilleberg tents are graded into label categories which describe their strength and weight with the Black label tents being the strongest tents available with a tear strength of 18kg and are suitable for all season camping.

What are Hilleberg tents made of?

Coated on both sides with a total of 3 layers of 100% silicone, and treated for UV resistance during dyeing and coating. The Atlas and Stalon XL inner tents are made with the Black Label inner tent fabric. The Altai inner tent is made with the Red Label inner tent fabric.

Which is the best Hilleberg tent?

Enjoy our collection of Hilleberg tents and have fun on your next trip!

  • Hilleberg Anjan 2 Person Tent.
  • Hilleberg Nallo 3 Mountaineering Tent.
  • Hilleberg Keron 4 GT Tent – Red.
  • Hilleberg Nammatj 2 Person Tent.
  • Hilleberg Kaitum GT 2 Person Tent.
  • Hilleberg Nallo 3 Person Tent.
  • Keron 4 GT Mountaineering Tent by Hilleberg.

What is Kerlon fabric?

Kerlon 2500. 70 D High Tenacity. Ripstop Nylon. Coated on both sides with a total of 3 layers of 100% silicone, and treated for UV resistance during dyeing and coating.

Are hilleberg tents waterproof?

In our tents, the outer tent material (our Kerlon fabrics) is fully waterproof and is there to keep water – rain and snow – out.

What are hilleberg tents made of?

Where are hilleberg tents manufactured?

To ensure that we can build the tents we envision, and do so at the level of quality we demand, we own and operate our own, ISO-9001: 2014 certified, manufacturing facility in Rapla, Estonia. We also work with a few, carefully selected Estonian factories, where sewers trained by us work exclusively on Hilleberg tents.

Do Hilleberg tents come with pegs and lines?

While every Hilleberg tent comes with all the pegs, lines and poles you need, you may, from time to time, need replacements.

Why choose the Akto over Hilleberg?

Such longevity of performance made it an easy choice for us to look to the Akto as the foundation for our new Yellow Label, one-person tent, the Enan, which continues the legacy of light, yet strong, single-pole solo tents in the Hilleberg line.

Who is Hilleberg the Tentmaker?

Welcome! Hilleberg the Tentmaker is a family owned company with 50 years of experience in manufacturing lightweight, all-season tents of the highest quality. Browse our site for information on tents, practical hints, dealer locations and for online ordering.

What are Hilleberg repair kits and how do they work?

On longer trips and those to more remote locations, being able to repair your equipment is crucial. Hilleberg Repair Kits are designed with this in mind, and contain swatches of outer tent, floor, inner tent, and inner tent mesh fabrics, as well as inner and outer tent zipper sliders.

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