Are Fendt tractors reliable?

Are Fendt tractors reliable?

The fendt is as reliable as anything on the market. Proven reliable power train. Smooth ride.

Who is Fendt owned by?

the AGCO Corporation
Fendt – A Brand of the AGCO Corporation. The Fendt brand has been part of the US global player since 1997. Fendt, however, is no longer just a tractor manufacturer, but rather an agricultural equipment company with a full line of products.

Are Fendt engines air cooled?

To ensure the engines are always efficient and reliable, cooling is crucial. AirSense® Cooling was developed for the Fendt IDEAL. The idea is to provide maximum cooling capacity with minimal cleaning effort. AirSense® Cooling consists of a 950 mm reversible fan and a cooler area of 2.7 m2.

What kind of guidance system does a Fendt 200 Vario have?

Fendt 200 Vario – Guidance system from 70 HP. AGCO/Fendt is pursuing it’s strategy to integrate highlights from the large tractor sector into smaller models, and is now pleased to unveil the compact powerhouses Fendt 200 Vario and 200 V/F/P Vario with pre-fitted guidance systems.

How much does a Fendt 211 Vario weigh?

At just 4,280 kg or 34kg/hp, the Fendt 211 Vario is a real lightweight. And it can ballasted to your needs. At the headland, benefit from its outstanding manoeuvrability with a min. turning radius of 4.2 metres Manoeuvrability, ride and operating comfort.

What’s so special about the new Vario 200?

“Until recently, the 200 Vario models were known as simple tractors which left the more complex jobs to their high-horsepower siblings. This has now changed. The new armrest and FendtONE transform the 200 models into intelligent machines and give them nearly all the same specs of the high-capacity machines”.

What is fendtone?

FendtONE – seamlessly connecting office and machine. FendtONE uses the terminal to combine the familiar operation of the tractor with planning/control tasks that would usually take place in the office. You can schedule field data and orders on your computer or smart device wherever you are, and send them to your machine.

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