Are any baseball cards from the 2000s worth anything?

Are any baseball cards from the 2000s worth anything?

Mike Trout 2009 Bowman Chrome (Check Price) So not only is this the most valuable baseball card of the 2000s, it’s the most valuable baseball card of ALL TIME. It’s also the most valuable trading card of all time.

What newer baseball cards are worth money?

10 of the Most Valuable Modern Sports Rookie Cards

  1. Mike Trout, 2009 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor // $215,000.
  2. LeBron James, 2003 Topps Chrome Refractor // $320,000.
  3. Zion Williamson, 2019-2020 Panini National Treasures // $165,100.
  4. Dwyane Wade, 2003 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor // $115,100.

What kind of baseball cards are worth money?

9 of the Most Valuable Baseball Cards in History

  1. Honus Wagner | Card Sold For: $6,606,000.
  2. Mickey Mantle | Card Sold For: $5.2 Million.
  3. Babe Ruth | Card Sold For: $4,212,000.
  4. Mike Trout | Card Sold For: $3.9 Million.
  5. Nolan Ryan | Card Sold For: $600,000.
  6. Jackie Robinson | Card Sold For: $392,400.

How much is a Ichiro card worth?

Ichiro Suzuki Rookie Cards

Item Title ▼ Price
2001 Topps Ichiro Suzuki Rookie Card PSA 9 Mint RC $69.99
ICHIRO SUZUKI 2001 Baseball ROOKIE CARD M’s Hot MLB RC $0.99

Are Bowman baseball cards worth anything?

The only way they can have much value is by either being the Tiffany version (a premium factory set) and/or being graded by PSA to be in perfect, gem mint condition (PSA 10). That means the card needs to be basically flawless.

What year baseball cards are worth money?

Vintage Baseball Cards (Printed From 1946 – 1979) The most popular vintage set of all-time is easily the 1952 Topps set. And the Mickey Mantle card within it is by far the most valuable of this segment of the hobby.

How much is a 1989 Bowman Ken Griffey Jr card worth?

1989 Bowman #220 Ken Griffey Jr. Like many of his rookie cards, this one has held up very well in value over time despite being part of the “junk era”. The base version will set you back over $100 in top grade while the Tiffany version can be worth around $2,000 or more, which might shock you.

What baseball cards are worth the most?

#1: 1909-11 T206 White Border Honus Wagner.

  • #2: 1952 Topps#311 Mickey Mantle.
  • #3: 1916 (M101-5) Sporting News Babe Ruth Rookie Card.
  • #4: 1916 (M101-4) Sporting News#151 Babe Ruth Rookie Card.
  • What is the most valuable baseball card ever?

    According to, the most valuable baseball card is the T206 Honus Wagner, which was released between 1909 and 1911. It is estimated that fewer than 100 of these cards exist, the most expensive of which sold for $2.8 million in 2007.

    What is the most sought after baseball cards?

    Derek Jeter 1993 SP Rookie Card. The Yankee great has more rings that he has fingers. The 1993 Sp Rookie Card is one of the most sought-after baseball cards in the past 10 years. The card is extremely rare and hard to find in good condition. Condition is one of the most important factors when talking about this infamous baseball card.

    What is the most expensive baseball card in the world?

    Here it comes the top most expensive baseball card, which values $2.8 million. Honus Wagner is one of the most expensive baseball card of the world. This card has a picture of great Honus Wagner on its face.

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