9 best free movies and TV apps for Android

Do you like to watch movies? Are streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime not your cup of tea?

What if we tell you that you can do that, without the hassle of hefty subscriptions?

There are thousands of movies and TV shows to be found online, but it is hard to find a reliable streaming platform that does not bombard you with ads or malicious links. Therefore, it is best to download free movie apps to take your favorite movies with you anytime, anywhere. To do this all you need is your phone and a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP). you can consider Cox has a variety of internet plans and packages at affordable rates, without having to bind yourself with contracts. Cox servicio al cliente 24 horas enable you to get quick answers from their representatives to get issues figured out faster.

Keep reading to see what we found for you:

1.    Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a free app for streaming movies that offers a large collection of movies. The app offers a variety of free movies sorted into categories, with newbies at the top.

It also has exclusive options called “Popcornflix Originals.” Good quality movies, streaming works without problems. The movie player can be a little overwhelming, but it is feature-packed and smooth. Popcornflix also allows you to stream TV shows without having to pay!

2.    Momix

Momix is ​​another ideal movie-streaming app that you can consider as it has a similar interface to Netflix and loads videos very fast. You can access movies and TV shows from all major platforms available on the internet.

The best feature is that the app is very fast with no sloppy ads. The app also supports HD video playback. With Momix you get unlimited free access to movies and series.

Users can access premium content on this app without paying for a subscription. You can also create your favorite playlists from varied genres.

3.    BeeTV

BeeTV is a streaming app, free of cost, which can be thought of as an unlocked version of Amazon Prime or even Netflix.

Find movies or series you want to watch. The application shows many links in MB format. You can click on any link and view the content or even download it without having to pay. Bee TV has a Netflix-like interface and is clean, with no bothersome ads. Enjoy new movies for free with this free android app.

4.    FilmRise

FilmRise can be used to watch free movies on Android apps. Always watch TV shows and movies free on your Android devices, only at the cost of a good internet connection. Comes with a massive movie library and is available without a subscription fee. In addition, HD quality, and legal videos can be played on numerous devices.

5.    Dailymotion

Dailymotion is another good movie app available for your android device. It offers almost all movies in 720p image quality. Due to certain piracy restrictions, you should download the app instead of downloading software from the website. Dailymotion offers free movies for your Android smartphone.

6.    Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a relatively new mobile streaming platform.

This means that it is a service that provides good entertainment without requiring users to pay any money.

As a streaming service from NBCUniversal, you get 40,000 hours of movies, TV series, and shows for free. Some of them include seasons of popular shows such as The Office and others. In exchange for free entertainment, Peacock TV runs ads that can run for five minutes an hour.

7.    OneBox HD

OneBox HD is another good free movie app as it contains the latest movies and TV shows. You can choose from diverse genres such as Action, Comedy, Documentary, Family, and much more.

OneBox HD allows you to search and download videos so you can watch them anytime, anywhere without the hassle of subscribing. You also need an external player to watch movies. Google Chromecast, allowing you to watch movies on your Smart TV, also powers this app.

8.    Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital is the all-in-one platform for free content. It uses local library access along with your library card to show you many things free of cost. This includes movies, TV shows, e-books, music, and even comics.

The app also comes with support for Android TV and Chromecast. Your local library must be part of the Hoopla network for your library card to work. Otherwise, it works quite well.

9.    Kodi

Kodi is a media playing platform for Android.

It enables local video and audio playback and has a complete user interface to control all features. Another good feature is the ability to run plugins, and many of these plugins can bring in free content. We do not pardon piracy, which is why many of these plugins did not make it to this list.


It is important to remember that copyright matters a lot when it comes to movies. This means that the apps on this list are only available in some countries. If one of these free movie apps is not available in your country, consider using a VPN instead of downloading apps from untrusted sources.

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